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How To Choose The Best CCTV Camera For Your Office?

CCTV Camera

The safety and security of office premises is paramount. One of the easiest ways to combat burglary is to install the best security system. CCTVs have become common. The CCTV camera is an infallible solution. It works round the clock and keeps a vigilant eye on intruders intending to break-in the office. Today big or small businesses opt for premium quality surveillance has understood the need for installing a surveillance camera in their premises.  Each office has its own security requirement that needs to be met to optimize the security of the office in the right areas.

A CCTV camera monitors a wide area in and around the office. If you are wondering how many details does it offer? Well, it offers it covers each access way, notes the time, locations, and every detail during the day as well as the night. It takes care of minute details and identification, even in the dark. It has special features that allow it to capture every movement in pitch darkness. There are other expensive models of surveillance cameras that come with face recognition characteristics. Here, we will discuss the pointers that you need to check while buying the best security camera for your office.

Things to consider before opting for the Best CCTV Security Camera:

  • Understanding the functionality of the Camera: There are several models of security cameras in the market. When selecting the ideal camera for your office, always check the potential of the camera like lens size, wide-angle degree, and memory for data storage. It is vital to understand the functioning of the camera to get the purpose served. Make sure you understand the degree of wide angles that will determine the field of vision and shorten the focal length as the angle gets wider. As the lens size increases the field of vision to the left and right will decrease, this enables you to identify the object much better. Always check the storage space of hard drives; it should range a storage size from 1 TB.
  • Check the Location for Installing the CCTV: Even before purchasing the surveillance camera, make sure you decide on the location inside and outside the office to get a wider picture.  Choosing the right location ensures that it covers the entire area. 

Winters can be harsh in Australia, choose a camera that has a durable design and an in-built heater. This will help the camera to operate even when the temperature outside is plummeting. You need to identify the key positions of your office that can keep the note of the potential areas that is susceptible to intruders.

  • Consider the Installation Cost:  Selecting the right model of surveillance camera is as important as considering the installation cost before buying the camera for the office. Also, take a note of the cost of recorders and peripherals such as cables, connectors, an uninterrupted power supply and the cost of labor and commissioning of the unit. Sometimes people only think about purchasing the camera and ignore the ancillary factors. Make sure you estimate the total cost before availing the opportunity.
  • Check the Lighting Requirements: You need to understand that a closed-circuit camera can function perfectly in broad daylight, but it can be slightly difficult in the night. So, proper lighting conditions are important in the night. Get supporting outdoor lighting, such as an LED lamp, for color definition, and better visuals. Light filtering technology such as IR filters and artificial illuminators can amplify or reduce the amount of light reaching a sensor, creating clearer images during the day and night.  Always

Ensure what lighting condition is needed for the respective model of a security camera.


These are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the security CCTV camera that is an idle fit for your office. This will escalate the safety of the office, and the security of the employee’s too.

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