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John Song Potomac MD and Leadership

Many people will tell you different things about being great leader. According to John Song Potomac MD everyone has their own way of leading and most managers will find their way with practice and hurdles like anyone else with a challenge. Not that leadership should be challenging but managing people is never easy. Managers have to deal with different people, attitudes, personalities, methods, strengths, and weaknesses. John Song Potomac MD wishes to share his top 3 lessons the he’s learn managing his company that may be the key to success at your company.


  • Listen to your employees

Even if you disagree with what your team or certain individuals have to say, listen to them and give them the time to speak their mind. It will make them feel valued and respected.

  • Communication is key

It is essential that managers make their expectations clear so that managers can avoid miscommunications problems and tasks being done wrong. To elaborate, managers should also make sure that employees have all necessary communication tools available to them.

  • Lead with passion

Leading by example, according to John Song Potomac MD starts with being passionate about what you do. The biggest mistake any manager can make is to expect something from their employees that they can’t deliver themselves. Everything in the company should be done with pride and passion by managers and that will eventually rub off onto employees. Those who lead by example are those that are conscious of their impact and their role.

Although there are many more suggestions John Song Potomac MD can give to managers and leaders, leadership is also self defined. The word leadership may mean to lead by examples but there are many ways to do that and to get people to follow you. Define your role and be a leader.

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