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An Introduction To The Pet Loving Major American Business Community

According to the knowledgeable President John Cook, Petroleum Wholesale Houston that, it’s the economical downturn period that motivated the Houston based group to think of diversification. Whereas its major focus area was supplying superior quality petroleum products ranging from gasoline, oil and branded fuel through its sales chain scattered across 9 states, the company started planning about product addition to maintain its sustainability and growth. For a well acknowledged group with its long presence in American market, dedicated services to clients and with its great network, it didn’t take much time to consider its potential marketing area. In fact, Main Market Street, the newest retail chain concept is only an outcome of its hard work, strong market presence and great workforce. As per Cook nothing can more tiring than working with incompetent people, and from that viewpoint the company is happy to boast a great manpower resource, which is its special strength. 

Petroleum Wholesale Houston

Petroleum Wholesale Houston is a privately held commercial fuel supplying specialist group. The company has a solid marketing network and operating in 9 major states in the US. The states where it has outlets comprise Colorado, California, Nevada, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, and Wyoming. From its inception in 1971 with only two outlets now the company is having hundreds of sales stores all over American continent. The community has gained great popularity for its product quality, consistency and customer support. It supplies only internationally branded gasoline products, diesel and top demanding lubricants to its distributors and stores. A number of its supply points are equipped with convenience stores where truck drivers used to enjoy numerous amenities.

Main Street Market is its newly introduced project that offers a series of services and products from groceries, premium cigars, and dress material to hardware and fast food facilities. To expand its fast food chain network, meanwhile Petroleum Wholesale Houston opened its first outlet ‘Steak n Shake’ in Salt Lake City, UT in July 2015. And, the same time, it introduced another food point of Steak n Shake in its Main Market Street TX. Interestingly, the company has owned license for opening branches of this food chain in greater Houston, entire state of UT, Texas Metro area and other places. These are all supposed to come up within 2015-16 period. The community people of Petroleum Wholesaleare also passionate to keep them involved in many philanthropic, charitable and community development related activities. Another great uniqueness of the group is its passion for animal rescuing and adoption.

No wonder, for more 20 years, Petroleum Wholesale Houston has backed different organizations with funding towards animal rescuing and adoption services. The main aim is rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected animals from all corners and providing them with homes, treatments and food. In 2015, none can forget the great initiative of the community as it opened the scope of rescuing animals with formation of Rainbow Bridge Animal Rescue Camp in Conroe. For this, the group purchased 10 acres of grassland in Conroe, Texas. This is its own non-profit endeavor and the camp is outfitted with latest facilities for housing and treatment of rescued animals. The Petroleum Group has also purchased over 300 acres of land in Leon County, Texas for future sanctuary space development for providing shelter to large size animals.

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