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Air Source Heat Pumps: Cost Effective Technology

Air Source Heat pumps are excellent technologies to heat and cool homes and offices. They maintain the temperatures in our living and working places when the outside temperatures are too low. You can even use ASHP for heating water and any other household requirement. Solar power/ solar energy can be used with air source heat pumps for sumptuous efficiency.


Heat is obtained from the outside air and passed through special units. Heat exchanger and compressor are used to convert the air into fine-grade heat. Air Source Heat pumps are renewable and effective ways to heat homes.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps:

  •        They can be used for air conditioning during summers and all heating requirements in winters.
  •        Marginal running cost in contrast to traditional electrical resistance heaters.
  •        ASHPs consume only 25-33% electricity in comparison to standard resistance heaters thereby cutting off the electricity charges.
  •        ASHPs consume electricity and do not require any fuel or gas. Hence there are no worries to obtain gas or fuel.
  •        No maintenance requirements.

You can heat water at temperatures of 55⁰C up to a maximum of 80⁰C. ASHPs provide high efficiency heat pumps up to four times than that of an electric heater consuming the same energy input.

ASHPs have a high level of CO₂ emissions. Yet the launch of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) technique for Micro generation Certification Scheme (MCS) has proved beneficial. The carbon emissions are reduced significantly. Electricity used to operate the air source heat pumps if generated from renewable resources such as solar, tidal and wind power can reduce the expenses. It is easy to install the air source heat pumps in buildings and homes.

Supplying Air Source Heat Pumps in Essex

i) Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pumps Installers

Delta T Services and Panasonic Aquarea heat pump installers stand as the most reputed suppliers of ASHPs.

Designed exclusively for low energy consumptions, the heat pumps are highly reliable and offer great comfort. Enviromental friendly, safe and cheap solutions that aim to meet the end user demands. The Panasonic heat pumps work the best at low temperatures of about 20⁰C. The coefficient of performance is defined as the ratio of cooling and heating provided to work required. Aquarea heat pumps have a COP of 4.41 at 7⁰C hence they are more efficient than electric heaters and boilers. The heat output of the pump lies in the range 9kW and 12kW. The installation and maintenance charges are nominal.

ii) Terra Therma

Terra Therma is the best provider known for supplying air source heat pumps in Essex. It works in collaboration with the world famous suppliers of renewable energy system components such as Samsung, Daikin, Nibe, CTC Enertec and Dimplex.

iii) AOS Heating

The AOS Heating is one of the leading names for supplying air source heat pumps in Essex and North India. They use modern and the latest heating technology reducing the usage of fossil fuels for energy generation.  Quality Service accompanies with technical expertise enhances the reputation of the AOS heat pumps installations. AOS Heating is an established partner with Mitsubishi.


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