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The Best Classical Sewing Machines That Are Still Popular Today

Sewing is an act of fastening or attaching objects or textiles together using the needle and thread. Sewing is an ancient type of art originating from the Paleolithic era. Sewing machine was first invented in the 19th century. The invention and development of electronic sewing machines in the 20th century led to the mass production of sewn fabrics, textiles and other stitched and weaved materials.

Bernina sewing machines

Here are the best good old sewing machines that you are still found in industrial factories and contemporary homes of today.


The first Singer sewing machine was manufactured on 1851. Last 2011, Singer celebrated its 160th anniversary commemorating the patency of this machine by Isaac Singer. Singer first popularized the zigzag type of sewing. Singer is the first electronic sewing machine. Whether it may be quilting, embroidery, and mending, Singer has been the number one most widely used machine. Who hasn’t have heard about the Singer machine? Sewing machine is in fact “synonymous” with Singer. Quality, reliability, innovation, service and durability… those are the qualities that made Singer on top of the list.

Singer is the first practical machine. Its usability and being user-friendly creates an ergonomic feel with the touch of this machine. Its commitment to innovation is the reason why Singer is still a household name.


Brother sewing machine is a product of the Brother Group. Let me present to you a brief history of Brother Group. The first Brother sewing machine was manufactured in 1908. It was established in Japan. That is when Kanekichi Yasui established the Yasui Sewing Machine Co. In 1925, Masayoshi Yasui inherited the company and renamed it as Yasui Brothers’ Sewing Machine Co. In years to come they began to develop the sewing machine that can chain- stitch and sew straw hats. For many years Brother has been exporting sewing machines. Brother also moved into knitting machines and into producing other home appliances. In 1961, they began producing office machines and other machineries. Came 1971, they have manufactured the high speed dot-matrix printer. Brother Group has successfully established offices and production lines abroad. In 1980’s Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd. and Brother Industries (U.S.A) Inc. have started manufacturing electronic typewriters. Brother Sewing Machine Xian Co., Ltd. started production of industrial sewing machines in 2002. In the years to come, they would continue to produce communication devices and commercial printers. Sewing machines would still become the top product of the company.

With presenting to you the history of the Brother Group, the producer of this sewing machine, we can conclude that the producer of this machine is successful in creating an industry that produces this high quality sewing equipment. Venturing into other products are offshoots of the creation of the durable sewing machine that is still used industrially and commercially.

The Brother sewing machine’s price varies from $100- $1000. This sets it apart from other sewing machines as it fits any budget.


Janome is founded in June 27, 1950. Janome sewing machine is so revolutionary that in 1979, it is the first one to develop the computerized-type of sewing machine for home use. Then again, this is the one that professionalized embroidery. Jenome is the pioneer in building the long arm quilting machine.

Another mark they made in the industry is producing the first ever wireless type of sewing machine. Janome would never get behind. Their sewing machine can be used with iPad or PC. Designs and patterns and stitches can be easily managed. With Janome app, sending designs and patterns is just a click away. AcuMonitor allows sewers to monitor embroidery stitches and patterns in real time. Together with MC15000, AcuEdit can be utilized for embroidery editing suite for the iPad.

Do you want to get one for you and your family? Or do you need sewing machines for your business? There are numerous sewing machine retailers that are found on the web. You may also find sewing machine retailers that you may visit near you. A little research or two and you can avail that machine that has been proven and tested throughout the years.

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