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Best Shopping Destination Around The World

You definitely experience new things when traveling. It also lets you experience familiar things in some new ways. Shopping is normally a thrilling experience when you are at home. But you can also indulge in it when you are traveling, or when you are on your holiday. You are going to be surprised by a variety of goods you get when you shop from different places of the world. The following are best shopping destinations around the world.

• Dubai, UAE

The city springs from the desert as the oasis of modern wonder, luxury and world-class shopping. You can find here enormous collection of all imaginable brands inside among the world’s largest malls that resemble cities in themselves. One of the essential treats is the Mall of the Emirates. There are many more others you can enjoy your shopping when you are on a trip to Dubai.


• Hong Kong

Well known and reserved for long as a symbol of Asia’s progress, Kong may boast of top shopping malls as well as remarkable luxury storefronts particularly near central. You can head out to Tung Chung metro station, and you arrive at City gate outlets. Well, this hosts over 80 international brands that are on offer for bargain prices. It’s right in the center of nearby attractions like Lantau Island and Disneyland.

• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The city where it’s said shopping doesn’t take a holiday. The people are so in love with their stores and shopping malls that shopping here is normally referred to as national sport. The inventory is high, and brands are all over the place to open stores. The prices are good. There’s more to shop in Kuala Lumpur that you can achieve in several visits.

• Macau

The special China’s administrative district is surely the concept of gaming, and a luxury city with its ever growing skyline. Shopping here is quite explosive with every casino and hotel clamoring to build the sharpest, biggest and most attractive retail stores adjacent to their gaming floors and lobbies. Here, you are going to see products, brands and luxury items in abundance, and the major price tags is going to show you how well the economy is booming in this small region. Definitely, Macau is a place to go for your high end shopping.

• Madrid, Spain

This is a city which feels like home. It provides the best shopping and gastronomy in Europe. Products made and sold here are of excellent quality, original and affordable. You can go and get lost at El Corte Ingles for your shopping spree.

• New York, USA

What doesn’t the 5th avenue have? Probably you might be thinking. This avenue is shopper’s delight. When you are looking for a number of great brands, why not head North of New York to Central Valley? This is the home of Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets. The 220 stores provide excellent selections and bargains on different top luxury brands.

• Paris, France

Paris is well known and regarded in the whole world over for its taste in architecture, gastronomy, leisure and fashion. All of the above have something in common. They are bought, and traded. The mixture of these specialties in such a distinctive fashion makes the city an unmatched shopping destination for every kind of luxury goods.

Well, shopping can be a good experience when you are traveling and you have so much to flash. For those who would like to visit USA, either as tourists or businessmen, you can enjoy some bit of shopping there since the country has some amazing places like New York City. When you are eligible for ESTA visa, you may visit USA, and for sure have a great shopping experience.

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