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Top 3 Unique Ideas For Jewelry Display Cases

  • Briefcase jewelry display cases 

Jewelry display cases are meant to be portable as proud owners of jewelry will often find it hard to keep their private collection from showing them off to friends, family members and customers. What better way to accomplish this than to have jewelry display cases that can be customized according to your tastes, as well as look good enough to house all of your precious gem stones? 

You can even customize your briefcase which you use as jewelry display cases to make it look like a guitar case from the outside, or something else that people won’t think to have jewels inside. Not only does this help to avert attention from onlookers with itchy hands, but it will also help to pleasantly surprise people when you open the bag from them. jewelry-display-case_full

  • Wall-mounted jewelry display cases

These cases are great for when you don’t have the need to constantly travel to other locations with jewelry display cases in tow. This idea is ideal for people who own retail shops and want a great place to promote their stock for their customers. Not to mention, it can help to promote sales if you have matching jewelry display cases that also help to accommodate and enhance the overall look of your precious pieces.

Finding the look of the jewelry display cases that match with your jewelry can be easier said than done. The real star of the exhibition should be your jewelry and any of the jewelry display cases that you chose to store them in will either help to make or break the sale. Don’t try to contrast the display cases from the jewelry as this will only serve against your favor.

  • Standing glass jewelry display cases 

While this may be some of the most common types of jewelry display cases that you can find around, make no mistake it also happens to be very good at its duty to promote your jewelry. Not only is it ideal to have a cupboard with see through glass display to promote your jewelry, it is also great to have a place that people can see on eye-level instantly. This allows them to see the pieces that you have and is also eye-catching.

Again, the color of the wood will either help to enhance the overall look of your jewelry or serve to work against it. You will need to truly understand the type of jewelry display cases that matches your pieces so that this does not happen. Sometimes, the more thought you put into it, the better decision you will be able to make in the end.

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