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Samsung Galaxy S7: The Next In The Samsung Galaxy S Series

Samsung Galaxy S Series is rocking in the market with its new released devices, for example Samsung Galaxy S6 and now attention moves towards the next launching Samsung Galaxy S7. 


Already, Samsung proved to be the best with the latest Samsung Galaxy S6, which is powered with various featuring including, the charging process of new phones Galaxy became easier and faster than ever before. Firstly, disappeared flimsy connector USB 3.0, it was replaced by the standard port microUSB 2.0. Now to find a replacement cable is much easier. However, it is unlikely that you will need it, because the built-in wireless charging does not require additional accessories. With the support of the main charging standards, WPC (Qi) and PMA, a short lunch break in 20-30 minutes you can charge the phone for about 20%. Over the same time the phone can be charged at 50%, if you connect it to a power outlet, it is 30% faster than the S5 with improved function of fast charging. So consider, if Samsung engineers able to take it to another level, then the Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t only work for more hours but also the speed of charging would be just similar to downloading data from fast internet connection. Wouldn’t it be amazing? Well yes, it would be amazing that’s why Samsung Galaxy S7 is attracting fans’ eyes.

However, a stylish new design and integration of wireless charging require some sacrifices in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Because of reducing the thickness of the back panel has become permanent, as the battery capacity is decreased compared to S5 2800 mAh to 2550 mAh, Samsung Galaxy S6 (2600 mAh Edge S6). If the manufacturer does not improve the efficiency of the device, such factors as the smaller battery capacity, a bright display and the predominance of white background in Android Lollipop may reduce battery life compared to S5. And yes, the reviews suggest the same, people are facing battery issues in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and now Samsung got a new challenge to cover up the things with the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 in the year of 2015, but chances are supporting only the 2016 as the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7.

In the new smartphones Galaxy gone another long line feature – support for SD-card. To compensate for this loss, Samsung has increased the internal memory, offering versions with NAND-drives of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. In addition, the company provides a storage capacity of 115 GB of Microsoft OneDrive for two years. For most users the options repository will be enough, but certainly there are those who lost the flexibility provided by a removable data storage medium that is not very pleasant. So, this should be improved in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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