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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Massive Beast

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is about to come this September and ready to bring something innovative that Samsung would reveal to its fan this year. The earlier Galaxy Note 4 also brought many surprises like the finger print sensor but in our experience, the fingerprint reader of iPhone 6 is still superior in terms of success rate and comfort. Possibly due to the iPhone reader requires no swipe it just above support, so it is less prone to problems related to speed and slip angle. It is also possible to unlock the phone with one hand. note-5-uhd-770x577

Also, the fingerprint reader of Huawei Ascend Mate 7, which works by contact, is also faster than the Galaxy Note 4. And now Samsung knows what things it should consider as primary improvements in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also featured the famous pointer S Pen that lets you interact with the screen differently than we are used with fingers. The Galaxy Note 4 pointer precision has been improved even more, from 1000-2000 sensitivity levels. Now writing with the Galaxy Note 4 is more comfortable than it was before, and may even write letters smaller in size. Of course the pointer is not only for writing, but you can also manage phone interface with it. When the pointer S Pen on certain types of content a popup window with additional information appears. And you can use various actions. For example, the event list is displayed by placing the pointer over a date; the application displays an image gallery, videos in implementing the agenda application playing a video without sound, etc. If you press the button without touching the screen pop fan is activated with the four possible actions of Air Command: Notice of Action, Smart Choice, Clip Picture and Screen Writing. Notice of Action displays a pop-up note on the screen type post-it in which we can make annotations. These annotations can even become actions by clicking on the button “Link to Action”, after drawing a line encircling the specific part of the note you want to use and selecting one among seven possible actions: Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Email, Browser, Map Task. And now Samsung need more improvements with new S-pen that would be introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.

Moreover, there is also intelligent selection in the interface that allows you to cut different content (YouTube videos, videos of the device, etc.) that goes to the Scrapbook application. You only have to select an area of the screen and choose a category from the list or create a new one. The captured content is stored in the Scrapbook along with additional information such as the URL where it was captured or other data. If the captured image contains letters, we can convert it directly into text. So, Galaxy Note 4 was an interesting innovation but now its time to go forward and it would only be possible after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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