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Responsible Vodafone Recharge Using Apps

Today recharging your prepaid mobile or DTH connection is no big task. Using company or brand website one can get the work done quite easily and effectively. With the development of the App industry, things have become more convenient. Today more people are using Apps to shop online, pay their bills online and even recharge their prepaid connections. Vodafone recharge can be done using the Vodafone App or the App of trusted and leading online resellers like the Paytm App, MobiKwik App and PhonePe App. Many people prefer using the applications because they consider it much safer and faster than websites. It is true that Apps offer more personalized content and are smarter technically when compared to its counterpart. But there are perils here too since it is also the product of technology. Just because an app has been downloaded from Apple App store or Google Play Store doesn’t make it automatically safe and secure. One needs to ensure that they are downloading the right App on their handset and not placing their device and personal information at risk by carrying out a download.

Caution to be exercised while recharging using Apps

  1. Download the App from a reliable source. The Play stores mentioned above are of course good places for downloading because both companies have their own vigil system in place and keep removing Apps that seem to be malicious. Downloading Apps from company website is also recommended. For example, the Vodafone App for Vodafone recharge can be downloaded from the Vodafone India website. Similarly, with the reseller Apps.
  2. Install reliable security software on your computer and handset. There are free ones and paid ones. The basic job of the software is to scan all downloads and in case anything appears fishy, will inform the user accordingly. Some higher versions of such software also can be used for locating your phone in case it gets lost and remove data remotely.
  3. Read reviews and research a bit before downloading any App. Most Apps come with ratings and comments from current users. It is a good practise to read them at the onset. Also, since Apps provide information about the developer and the publisher, it is good to search about them online, read about them on their official website, see their social media activities etc. to gain more information before downloading.
  4. Most apps when being downloaded ask for couple of permissions which is normal. While it is common for an App to seek permission regarding your location or using your camera, there could be certain permissions that appear suspicious. You need to be aware of what is okay and what cannot be accepted.

Using a safe App for Vodafone recharge or other online financial transactions is fine. But one needs to be doubly sure about the security aspects before enjoying different facilities being offered by the App. Remember that some Apps are developed to conquer your handset, steal your sensitive information and become lethal weapons in carrying our harmful activities. It is good to enjoy the multifaceted technology but responsibly!

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