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Fat Grafting: The New Technology In Breast Reconstruction In Women

Breast reconstruction in women has been a well-known phenomenon in the entire world. Though there has been a fair share of controversies around it, but it is safe to say that women, who want to undergo this surgery, have the right to do so against what any controversy may say. People all over the world have been getting hair implantation, Botox, and scar removal surgeries in order to improve their appearance, and breast augmentation is just another form of surgery or procedure that provides women an opportunity to feel better about their physical appearance.

Fat Grafting

Kenneth Reed MD , of DermASAP, states that a patient may develop a need for breast augmentation for several reasons, some of which are:

  • To give volume to the breasts in order to make them look fuller and proportionate with the rest of the body,
  • To want the natural size of breasts that women had before she went through pregnancy, illness, or a weight loss program that affected the breasts, and
  • To reconstruct breasts after a mastectomy.

Amongst the various clinical and surgical procedures available for breast reconstruction, Fat Grafting has been emerging as a new breast reconstruction technique which seems promising. The procedure is fairly simple and only has three stages – extraction of body fat tissues from unwanted area/areas of the patient’s body, processing the fat tissue and liquidating it, and finally injecting it around the breast area to add volume and fullness to the patient’s breasts.

Lipofilling, another form of fat grafting or fat transfer, has been used for many years to correct minor issues such as variance in shape or position of the breasts post a breast reconstruction surgery. This thought led dermatologists like Kenneth Reed MD and his team of extremely-talented dermatologists to experiment with fat grafting as not just a minor but the actual procedure used for breast reconstruction.

So far, there haven’t been any complications reported related to the surgery which is why it is considered a fairly safe and stress-free procedure. The surgery has also gained popularity because of its minimally invasive nature.

Breast reconstruction using fat grafting is a new concept and studies and researches are still being carried on in this field by specialists. If you wish to undergo the treatment, an important thing for you to know is that many fat cells get absorbed by the body over time which may result in reduction in the volume of your breast size over time. To prevent this from happening, many experts believe in injecting extra fat cells in the area than you need.

The procedure of breast reconstruction using fat grafting technique may need you to visit the clinic more than once. Kenneth Reed MD suggests that the amount of time or sessions to complete the surgery depends on the size of the reconstructed breast as desired by the patient. It is important for you, as a patient, to be clear about the reason behind getting the surgery so you can ask appropriate questions during your pre-surgery consultation.

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