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Beach To Explore Calicut

Kozhikode, commonly dubbed as Calicut, was the celebrated capital of north of Kerala, the Malabar region during the supremacy of the Zamorins. The land was famous for spice trade, cotton-weaving and sculptures reflecting the past. During the middle ages, the landing of the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in the spice capital opened trade routes for the Arab merchants, Dutch, British, Portuguese and French. The relationship strengthened between the Europe and the Malabar Coast, turning it to a main ecommerce hub. Being a major historical gateway of India, the land is also adorned with the beauty of nature and one of the looked upon tourist destinations to rekindle mind and body. Blessed with heavenly beaches, picturesque landscapes, historic monuments and alleys, sanctuaries, Kozhikode must be a destination not to overlook. Let’s have a view on the beaches Calicut covers to entertain the visitors.

Kozhikode Beach

Still preserves the charm of the olden days, the beach whispers the ancient times. Not only marvelled as a historical landmark among the tourists but also for its nature-rich stillness, drawing droves of visitors. Known for its pristine beauty and smell of the past, the beach is situated near to the town. The city sprawls on the coast of the mesmerising Arabian Sea, lies 1.2 m above sea level. The beach stretches to a length of 15 km, where one can leisurely spend with friends or family away from the madness of city life. The two crumbling piers and the lighthouse, date back 100 plus years portrays the memories when European world anchored near the locale. The Beach Hospital, Beach Hotel built by British can also be seen in the surrounding. One can relish the spectacular view of sunset and sunrise. During monsoon, the view of beachfront is beyond celestial, the pouring waters on the darksea, flashes of lightning and thunder looks eerie though. Marine Aquarium and Lions Park are other options on the beach.

Kappad Beach

The tranquil beach located 20km from Kozhikode city. Visit to this destination is worth gainful. Get the exhilarating feel of strolling on the same soil where the first footsteps of Vasco da Gama ever made in India. If you are sure to experience the thrill, where history stems in 1498, pack your bags and visit the haunt. The beach lures with its enchanting beauty as well as the serenity it embraces – a place where one can stay calm and relaxed. The safe waters and clean environment of the beach attracts horde of travellers to enjoy the relishing sights; sunset, fishing, canoes rock and roll in the sea while fisherman pulling the catch, fishermen launching boats, hues of the sunset, etc. Rock-studded monument, a temple believed to be 800 years old resides on the rocks, recalls great historical significance. Through unspoilt, peaceful backwaters of Korappuzha tourists can reach the destination. Cruise along the emerald waters adds cherishing moments as you reach the historic beach.

Payyoli Beach

What a pleasure it is to walk along the sinking golden sand, cuddled by cool wind, shallow waters, edged by swaying coconut groves and of course far away from the crowded city! If one can imagine and wish for all these beautiful moments, Payyoli beach at Kozhikode is the best go. The waters are ideal for swimmers. You can engage in water sports. The large rock resting in the middle of the sea enriches the view of the beach.

Beypore Beach

The small fishing village situated 10km from Kozhikode city.Beypore beach is an ideal hideaway to enjoy the quiet nature, mesmerising sea to its best. The walkway which stretches deep into the sea is simply fascinating. The spot is also famous among historians as it was one of the busiest trading centres, fishing harbours of Kerala during the antique period. This historic port was the gateway to trade for the Arab merchants, Chinese, Europeans, i.e. between the Middle East and Asia. Centuries old ship-building port of Beypore is another remarkable attraction.

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