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How Can I Find The Best Deal Online To Sell My RV ?

Want to sell your recreational vehicle (RV)? While you can always go for traditional routes such as classifieds or auctions and private selling, for a hassle-free experience, it’s best to opt for an online dealer. All you need to do is locate a trustworthy name among the numerous dealers facilitating online selling of RVs and outsource the tedious process of selling your vehicle to them. From creating eye-catching advertorials to promoting your RV online, handling queries from prospective buyers, arranging inspection meetings and legal papers, negotiating on price and finally sealing the best deal – online dealers do it all. .


 Selling Online – The No-Fuss Way

If you decide to sell through a dealership, you’ll need to leave your RV at the dealer’s lot and sign a consignment agreement. Apart from the details about your RV, the agreement clearly states how much money you will receive as the original owner of the vehicle. The dealers not only help sell your RV faster than traditional methods, they also manage all aspects of sales against a percentage of the total sale price as remuneration for their services. While a lot depends upon the make, model, condition and maintenance status of your RV, if all goes well, you get your cash as soon as your RV is sold.

Prep Your RV for the Presentation

Before leaving your RV with the dealer to put it up for sale, work on your RV’s look and feel. Remember, prospective buyers are likely to make up their mind about whether to purchase your vehicle or not by seeing the photos of your RV that’re uploaded online. Presenting it in its best possible condition is therefore prime to grab eyeballs and get the best deal. Here’s how you must prep up your RV before putting it online:

  • Clean Up: Start with a thorough cleaning. Remove all stains — be it on its exteriors or on the floors, walls and ceilings. Dust the doors, blinds and vents using paint brushes. If your RV is a little old, apply a coat of polish to bring back the lost luster.
  • Patch them Up: Spend a few extra dollars to fix minor problems and make your RV completely flawless. Fixing a leaking tap or changing a fused bulb won’t cost you much yet will add value of your RV and eventually fetch a better deal.
  • Freshen up:-Nothing is more appealing than a breath of freshness. By making your RV smell good, you can expect to get a better price for your vehicle. Use sprays and solutions easily available in the market to remove bad odors coming from different sources such as the toilet, kitchen sink, pet furs, rugs, carpets and upholstery.
  • Accessorize: Invest in a few basic accessories like bath, step mats, shower curtains and the likes to spruce up the interior and make it look like a dream abode on the wheels.

Handling Dealer Queries

Customers today are well read, well travelled and informed individuals so expect them to perform extensive research before they zero in on a purchase. Online RV Dealers get phone calls several times in a week and dozens of messages and email queries from interested customers. In case the dealer reaches out to you for additional information, be quick in responding. Right from giving the minutest detail about the best features of your RV that you think may add to your its saleability to providing the most picturesque digital shots of each corner of your RV, walk that extra mile to help the dealer create an attractive advertisement for your coveted vehicle. Remember, the first impression is often the last one so make sure your RV stands out among the many other vehicles available on the dealer’s portal.

When you find a genuine buyer and it is finally the time to say, yes I am ready to sell my RV online, give a green signal to the dealer for finalizing the formalities.

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