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The Varieties Of Juice Pressers Available In The Market

Juice Pressers

The importance of consuming the juice of the fruits and vegetables is known to all of us. Extracting juice from the fresh fruits is always more beneficial than the prepared and packaged one available in the modern market. If you are in hurry, then it may become tough for you extract the juice by your hand or any other tradition tool. Here the importance of using the modern juice pressers comes. The use of this tool is noticeable in the commercial places of juice extraction. 

The juice manufacturers solely rely upon the advanced technology of juice pressers that are available in the market. These juice pressers work on varied principles to extract juice fast and in a bulk proportion to meet the demands of the consumers. 

Varieties of Juice Pressers:

Here, you will get a list of the juice pressers that are used by commercial companies to extract tasty and refreshing juice for their customers. 

1. Commercial Cold Press Juicer: The commercial cold press juicer is designed as a heavy-built and appropriate choice for domestic and commercial use. The juicer can make juice out of every fruit and vegetable. It can even be used for preparing green juices. 

As it is commercially designed, the cold press juicer works speedily, and it is an energy saver. The parts of this juicer are made of durable stainless steel that can be detached easily to facilitate you in the cleaning process

2. Masticating Juice Presser: The high technology masticating juice presser comes with dual blade auger. These gears help in efficient juicing of fruits and vegetables. This type of juice presser produces juice more quietly and slowly by pressing the parts of the fruits. There is no chance of oxidation in this process. 

Hence, this juice presser produces the highest quality of the juices with nutrients that even last for a longer duration. The masticating juice presser is quite expensive as compared to various juice pressers available in the market

3. Centrifugal Juice Press: The centrifugal juicers are super-quick and ideal for you if you want to consume the juice right away after preparing it. This type of juice presser is an apt choice if you want to produce juice from hard products or citrus fruits. 

The centrifugal juicers work on the principle like a washing machine. It uses the spin method for juicing. It is generally louder and more affordable than a masticating juicer. It produces heat while juicing and oxidizes the juice quickly. Hence, it is recommended to drink the juice produced from centrifugal juice press right away or within 24 hours of extraction. 

4. Commercial Slow Juicer: A slow juicer contains a single auger to crush fruit or vegetable against it. The slow juicer works on the principle of the slow squeeze technology, and it works quietly. The slow juicer is extremely affordable. This makes it an appropriate option for domestic purpose if you want to enjoy the cold-pressed juice without using the traditional blenders that make a loud noise while juicing.

The juice extracted from the slow juicer is ideal for 2-3 days as the slow juicers do not oxidize the juice while producing it. Hence, the slow juicer helps in producing excellent quality of juice. 

5. Multi-Purpose Juicer: The multi-purpose juicer is the most advanced juice presser in the market. This typical juice presser is mostly used for commercial purpose as it is bulky in size and extremely expensive than juicers mentioned above. 

This intelligent juice making machine is known for its best functioning. It serves the best tasting juice in a short time. The multi-purpose juicer works efficiently with all types of fruits and vegetables. It produces no or minimal wastage after the completion of juicing process. If you want to invest in a high-quality juicer, the multi-purpose juicer press is the ideal option. 

Hope, the above list of juice pressers with its detailed information becomes helpful to you while purchasing one for your domestic or commercial purpose.

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