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Five Gift Ideas for Your Child’s University Graduation

When your son or daughter receives a letter of acceptance for their first choice university, you don’t think you could possibly feel more proud of them. Yet when they actually come to graduate from their place of higher education, you begin to realise how much they’ve grown up, and how you helped them to get there. It’s simply a moment that can’t be recreated.

It’s hard to mark the occasion without tears of happiness, which is understandable when you look past over the last couple of decades you have spent together. You’re also celebrating the start of your child’s life as an adult as they move into a house of their own and begin a career. That’s why it’s a heartfelt gesture to get them a gift with a difference. Here are a few ideas:


It could be many years until your son or daughter can save up enough cash for a deposit for their mortgage. One of the best gifts you could give them is a healthy chunk of money to help them to get on the property ladder so they don’t have to spend their salary on rent payments. It is likely that you will need to think about this well ahead of time to give you enough time to save, or you might look at selling something that can generate a bit of cash on shorter notice.

Cash investment

Money could also be helpful if your child is looking at starting their own business upon graduation. Whether they want to use it for office space or setting up an online store, it could be everything that they need to make a success out of their venture. It’s a brilliant way to contribute and make a difference, without stepping on their toes.

Mode of transport

Perhaps you are looking to buy your young adult a new car or motorbike instead. They may have relied on public transport previously, but now you think a motor would be better for their daily commute. It also leaves them no excuse but come to visit you when they have a spare weekend!

Luxury watchimages

A smaller gift, but one that can be just as valuable is a watch. The internet is an ideal place to search for luxury watches that suit the mood of the occasion. It will symbolise the time that you have spent together, and the time they have left to make something great of their lives. A good quality watch should also last a lifetime, and even become something that gets passed down to the next generation.

Travel opportunity

If you think your son or daughter should see a bit more of the world before they start a career, you might want to arrange a trip for them or buy them some travel vouchers. Once they begin employment they will have to use annual leave entitlement for travel which means that trips can only be one or two weeks – not very long when there is so much to see.

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