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Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Amazing Wife

Christmas is a brilliant time to show your wife just how much you care about her. You know what a vital member of the family she is; she plans, organises, cooks, and cleans, as well as loving freely and being an excellent role model to your children. In fact, you don’t know what you’d do without her. That’s why she probably deserves a better gift than one you’d usually find in the mad rush on Christmas Eve; all it takes is a little thought and planning.

You’ll surely be able to come up with a personal gift idea for your wife, but here are five suggestions just to get you started:

Spa package

Let your wife indulge in a little bit of rest and relaxation for a change. It’s likely that she’s up at the crack of dawn sorting out lunchboxes, and she’s the last one up at night filling up the dishwasher. She’d probably relish the opportunity to sink into a bubbling jacuzzi before having a hot stone massage to ease all of those pressure points. Have a look online for sumptuous spa packages where she can feel like a queen for a day.

Trip abroad

Then again, you might want to spoil her rotten and whisk her off on an exotic getaway. There are so many places you could visit, from the Italian Lakes to the shores of Goa. Visit your local travel agent and see what destinations they would advise for your wife’s passions and interests. On Christmas morning, let her unwrap a travel guide and surprise her with the good news.

Special jewellery

Perhaps you want to mark the time you’ve spent together by a piece of special jewellery. There are many options here includingdownload locket necklaces, luxury watches and gorgeous rings. You’ll find something for every budget, but it might be nice to push the boat out and invest in a piece that will last her lifetime.

Hot air balloon ride

If your wife enjoys thrills and excursions, she might enjoy a hot air balloon ride with you. It’s great to escape the hustle and bustle on the ground by taking to the skies to survey the world below. Much calmer than a small plane, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a few moments of peace with a nice bottle of champagne. Of course, you can do this in the UK, or even do one over the plains of Africa – the choice is yours.

Romantic meal

Let your wife enjoy a delicious meal that she hasn’t had to cook. Take her out to an exclusive restaurant (make sure to reserve a table ahead of time) and spend the evening tasting new flavours and creating wonderful memories. Ensure she picks an excellent bottle of wine, and she should always have a pudding when it is a special occasion such as this. Lastly, make sure you don’t end up paying from your joint bank account as the idea is to treat her to a special evening!

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