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How to Make a Unique Gift Basket

Gifts are a perfect way to pamper your relations and to bring close ties with lovely people. Whether it is your friends, relatives, acquaintances or close family relations, gifts are appreciated and well received by all and considered to be a token of your kindness and gratitude. So when choosing a gift one must consider the relevancy of gifts for the relevant person. Instead of buying usual gifts online you can tailor made a gift basket with your choice of products or the ones your loved ones enjoy. Hence it is essential for you to consider all the aspects of making a unique gift basket.

Now that it is much feasible to send gifts to Pakistan with various online delivery services, you can simply take the responsibility of designing your own gift basket. There are various ways to make your gift baskets unique and fascinating.


Coffee or Tea Party Gift Basket

If your recipient enjoys coffee or tea time then it should be your priority hamper which includes:

A wicker basket in square or rectangular shape

Shredded colorful papers to fill the basket

Coffee or tea brand whichever your recipient prefers



Gourmet cake, pizza or brownies

A small tea set for two or it can be a customized mug as per the occasion

Napkins set

How to assemble:

Fill the basket with shredded paper so the products placed are lifted to be visible easily.

Place the tea set or the mug in the centre of the basket.

Surround it with all the other items that you brought. Arrange them in a way that they stick to their place and do not fall or mingle while being delivered.

Wrap the basket with a sheet or transparent wrapping paper and tie it with a bow or ribbon. Attach your message card.

Home & Personal Care Gift Basket

You can make distinct types of home and personal care gift baskets depending on your recipient’s choice or likes. Things you can include are:

Shower Gel

Bathing Salt

Hand Towel

Carpet shoes

Fragrant soap

Body spray

Relaxing Cushion

How to assemble:

Take a metal bucket or it can be a plastic bucket of some color.

Put some shredded paper in it to keep your things in place.

If the bucket is too deep and things are not visible then you can simply put some foam in the base to lift up your products.

Now put the hand towel folded and wrapped in a transparent wrapper. Lay it across the back of the bucket.

Now place the bottles nicely across the bucket and put some shredded paper in between to keep them still.

Another thing you can do is make some holes in the foam according to the size of each item and then fix them in their places. In that case the foam should completely fill the bucket and the products are neatly displayed in each case.

Next is wrapping the gift basket with a wrapping paper which can be transparent or colored whichever you prefer. Attach you personalized card on the wrapper and also tie a bow to make it look like a gift hamper.

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