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Some Of The Clothing Items That Are Worn By Muslim Men’s And Women’s To Respect Their Religion.

In India, there are so many different types of religions and each religion have some specific clothing items. Some of the clothing items that are worn by Muslim people are given below with a short note on them:

  1. Thobe:
  • Thobe is a long maxi type dress that is worn by the Muslim males. This is a dress which is made up with a tailor fit shirt design from the top and is ankle length from the bottom.
  • This is a type of dress that is worn by the people of Kuwait and Oman. Thobe is a dress which is known by different names in different parts of the world.
  1. Hijab:
  • Hijab is a woman head covering that is used by women to cover their heads in front of male members or during the prayers.
  1. Ghutra and Egal:
  • This is a men’s head covering that is used by men’s to cover their heads. Ghutra is attached with a robe from the top that is known as Egal.
  • These are the head coverings that are usually worn by the Sheiks of Dubai. The Egal is optional to wear but Ghutra is the must. People can easily buy these head coverings online at easy rates.
  1. Burka:
  • Burka is a maxi type women’s wear that is worn by women to cover themselves fully from top to the bottom.
  • This is a dress that covers the face also as because it is attached with a Niqab from the top and has a cut out in the center so that the women can easily through it. This type of dress is worn by women of Dubai, Kuwait etc.
  1. Bisht:
  • Bisht is long clothing wear of Muslim men. Bisht is a dress that is worn by men’s in marriages during winter times.
  • It is particularly worn by the people of Kashmir, Kuwait etc. These dresses are worn in winters as because they help out people to protect their bodies from the cold weather.
  1. Abaya:
  • Abaya is again a long maxi type dress that is worn by women’s to cover themselves properly.
  • In olden times, Abayas were usually black and grey in color but now with increasing fashion, they are available in different types of colors. People can buy modern Islamic clothing for women on Modest Forever at cheap and affordable prices.
  1. Izar: Izar is a Dhoti like clothing item that is worn by the Muslim and Islamic men’s. This is a clothing item that is tied on the waist and usually worn with a pair of shirt or long Kamez.
  1. Turban: Turban is an item that is worn by Sikh and Muslim people on their head. The wearing style of the Turban is different in all the religions.

These above mentioned are the different types of clothing items that are worn by Muslim men’s and women’s to give respect religion.

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