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Volkswagen Ameo Vs Ford Figo Aspire

The German auto maker Volkswagen is all set to launch its much hyped compact sedan model Ameo in the Indian auto market. The car is loaded with plethora of advanced luxury and comfort features and is going to give very tough competition to its rival Ford Figo Aspire.Volkswagen Ameo is a sub 4 meter compact sedan and it will sit between Polo and Vento.

Volkswagen India has already started the bookings of Ameo, but the official launch of the vehicle is anticipated to take place by the mid of June 2016. If believe in the latest scoop, the price of Volkswagen Ameo will start from Rs. 5.30 Lakhs. The odd positioning of the vehicle clearly indicates that is going to compete directly with Ford Figo Aspire. So here is specs and features comparison of Volkswagen Ameo and Ford Figo Aspire.


Engine and Power

Volkswagen Ameo will be launched in both petrol and diesel variants. Its petrol variants will be equipped with the same 1.2 Liter MPI petrol engine which is currently powering Volkswagen Polo. This 1.2 Liter, 1196cc petrol engine delivers 74 bhp of maximum power at 5400 rpm with 110 Nm of maximum torque at 3750 rpm. On the other hand, Ford Figo Aspire petrol variants are loaded with more powerful engine which generates 86.8 bhp of maximum power at 6300 rpm with 112 Nm of maximum torque. So, in the race of power, pick up and acceleration Ford Figo Aspire clearly wins the race.

The diesel variants of Volkswagen Ameo will be equipped with 1.5 Liter, 1498cc TDI diesel engine which can deliver maximum power output of 88.7 bhp at 4200 rpm with maximum torque of 230 Nm at 1500~2500 rpm. Though, its diesel variants are more powerful than petrol variants but again if we compare it with Ford Figo Aspire diesel variants it is far behind.  The diesel variants of Ford Figo Aspire are equipped with 1.5 Liter TDCi diesel engine which delivers 99 bhp of maximum power at 3750 rpm with 215 Nm of maximum torque. The higher level of power and torque also indicates that acceleration and pick up of Ford Figo Aspire will be better than Volkswagen Ameo.


With continuously increasing fuel prices, mileage has also become another important aspect while buying a car and here again Ford Figo Aspire beats the new Volkswagen Ameo.

The petrol variants of Volkswagen Ameo will deliver around 14 kmplmileage in city and on highways we can expect around 16.5 kmpl. On the other hand, the mileage of Ford Figo Aspire petrol variants is 14.5 kmpl in city and 18.2 kmpl on highways.

The diesel variants of Ford Figo Aspire again come up with the better mileage as compared to Volkswagen Ameo.We are expecting that the diesel variants of Volkswagen Ameo will deliver around 17 kmplmileage in city and 20 kmpl on highways. On the other hand, Ford Figo Aspire diesel models deliver 22 kmpl mileage in city and 25 kmp on highways.



Volkswagen cars are very well known for dominating this area and Ameo is not an exception.The moment you will give the first look to the car you will be drawn right away by it’s perfect symmetry and proportionate design aesthetic. The vehicle has got a muscular body frame with flowing lines gives it a very stylish yet elegant appearance. The body coloured bumpers with chrome lines above the lower grille and at door handles along with dual beam headlights finished in black gives it very sport look. Whether we talk about its electrically foldable out side rear view mirrors with LED turn indicators, its sporty alloy wheels, stylish tail lamps or its aerodynamic design the new Volkswagen Ameo is dressed to impress with each of these exterior features.


Volkswagen Ameo dominates this section also. Loaded with the highly advanced comfort and luxury features, the passenger cabin of Volkswagen Ameo is like a stress buster.Seats are very comfortable with ample leg room. All the control buttons are placed at the right location for ease of access with diverting your eyes from road.

While we talk about the Interior appearance or comfort and luxury features, Volkswagen Ameo is always better than the Ford Figo Aspire. Apart from all the general comfort features, one of the most impressing features ofAmeois its centrally located touch screen music system which is missing in the Figo Aspire.


Price is also one of the most important factor while selecting a sub 4 meter compact sedan, where lots of more option are already available.Earlier, there was news in the industry that Volkswagen will launch Ameo with around Rs. 1 Lakh more than Polo so that the launch of Ameo doesn’t affect the sales of Polo, if we believe in that then Volkswagen Ameo is expected to be priced between 6 lakhs to 9 lakhs, which is higher than Ford Figo Aspire. But if we believe in the latest scoop, Volkswagen India is planning to launch the base model of Ameo at Rs. 5.30 Lakhs. So we need to wait few more days to get the exact price of the vehicle. Stay tuned with us, as soon the officially its price will be revealed we will update that right here.


Stats make it very clear, if you are a power rider, love high speed driving then better go for Ford Figo Aspire. But if you are looking for a stylish car with comfortable and luxurious passenger cabin then Volkswagen Ameo will be the better option.

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