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Car Selling Tips – Car Sale Made Easy

Selling your car need not be cumbersome if you go through the required steps methodically. Let’s examine how you could go about doing that activity that you would consider painful – selling your car. 


Listed below are a few cars selling tips.

Assess your car’s real worth: Depending on the year of make and the model specifications, the market rate may be arrived at. But also to be considered is the state your vehicle is in. Are there too many scratches, dents and other put-offs that may reduce the price? In which case, be realistic about the expected price. But if you have invested in new tyres, battery, upholstery, music system etc., you may be well within your right to charge more.

Get the documentation in order: Ensure all documentation with regard to the vehicle is in proper shape. The registration certificate should be in your name. The insurance, including the third party piece, needs to be valid. The pollution certificate also needs to be in place.

Prepare your car to look and be its best: Servicing your car is a must before you get a prospective buyer to check it out. All mechanical, electrical and electronic parts must be made perfect and all nagging issues rectified. If you want to go the full way, you may want to invest in new tyres and battery but that could increase the price you would want. Second hand car buyers may be on a tight budget and may not want to pay for new fixtures. Giving a wax coat outside, doing a dry clean of the fabric inside and brushing up the dashboard will also make the car look like it’s new.

Getting the advertising and marketing right: The decision as to whether to approach a dealer or to do things on your own is a key one. The former may make things a little simple but will also cost you’re the dealer commission. So, advertising in the newspaper or online car related sites and forums will greatly help. Care should be taken to be honest but also mention all pluses of the vehicle.

Dealing with a prospective buyer: The prospect should be allowed to check out the vehicle thoroughly. Accompany him for a test drive and answer all his doubts confidently. The price would be where discussion would happen. Unless you are desperate, stick to your price if you think it is justifiable. Decide on a date of delivery.

Seeing the change of ownership through: The vehicle and all papers of ownership should be exchanged only after the funds are clear in your bank account, if cheque payment being made. Finally, ensure that receipt for Form 29 and 30 signed is taken that effects ownership change.

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