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How To Take Care Of Your Diesel Turbo?

A few years ago, turbo cars were associated not only with performance and prestige, but were considered something special. This also translated into envy and everyone wanted and longed for turbo chargers. However, in today’s world, turbochargers are fitted into almost all diesel cars. Some of the drivers of the cars are not even aware that their car is fitted with a turbocharger. This results in huge bills for repairs.


Is the turbo charger equal to a miniature compressor?

The turbocharger is another word for a miniature compressor. In this, the exhaust gases which are spent from the engine enter the turbo. Then this is spun to one side of the turbine. The other end of the turbine is used to force feeds the engine with air. In this way, more oxygen is admitted in and this helps to burn the fuel more efficiently.  As a result of which, the engines have better efficiency and they also have more power.

What is the speed of the turbo charger’s turbines?

The speed of the turbo charger’s turbines is very great. The rotation is thousands of times more than the speed of the engine. Therefore, certain tips are required to ensure that the turbocharger lasts for a long time.


  1. When you start your car, you should not immediately race the engine. This is because the engine is cold. There should be at least 5-10 seconds given in which time the engine oil can reach the turbocharger.
  2. The engine should not be operated under full power till the oil has had enough time to warm up thoroughly. If the lubricant is cold, it is in a thick viscous form, and so the turbocharger cannot get lubricated well. It only can lubricate the charger when it has been warmed as this leads to it thinning out.
  3. The oil which is old and tired is not adequate to protect the turbocharger and therefore, the oil needs to be changed at regular intervals. These intervals are based on the amount the turbocharger has been used and the number of kilometers driven as well as the distances which are normally driven. If the vehicle is taken only for short bursts frequently, then the oil will need to be changed faster than if it had to be taken for long drives and that too on a non –frequent basis.


Checking the grade and the quality of the turbo oil is important

If there is low grade oil, the protection which is offered will not be adequate. So oil which is used should have the right viscosity as mentioned by the manufacturer as well as the right quality too. The API specification is mentioned not only in the vehicle handbook but also every canister has it mentioned on the side.

  • When there are high speeds which are sustained, the turbo charger works the most. Therefore, when the motorway drive is long, there are chances that the turbocharger can glow to an orangey red color which only shows how hot it is.
  • When the engine is shut off immediately after such long runs, for example, when the vehicle is stopped at motorway service stations, this causes damage and at most times, the damage is very severe.
  • The reason is that the internal turbine does not have the time to slow down sufficiently. Also, the heat which is extreme and which has been built up does not have the time to dissipate. That is the reason why, the engine should be allowed to be idle for at least 30 seconds. Only after which the ignition should be switched off. If the car has a stop start technology, this should be disabled.

You should also remember that the throttle should not be blipped before the ignition is to be switched off. Let’s have look here and get more information on it.



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