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Have A Look On The Coolest Cars Of 2014

Cars are the symbol of passion and luxury. Well, few years back cars were only meant for transportation, but now changes in technologies have enriched the cars with powerful designs and mechanism which are cool to drive and see on the roads. 

All the car users are very well aware of the Car brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, Jaguar etc. but to figure out the coolest among all is just a myth. There are some of the coolest cars of the year 2014 which are just amazing to touch, to feel and to drive. Yes, driving the coolest car is now the trend among people from different countries.


Here is a list of some of the coolest cars of 2014. Check them out.

Audi RS7

Audi, one among those luxurious cars which are best among the list. Its standard equipment’s and features include RS body styling, Alloy wheels, heated electric seats, LED headlights, BOSE 14 speaker sound system, Parking sensors, 4 zone climate controller and wheel-mounted shift paddles.

· RS7’s top speed is governed at 155 mph, 174 mph, and 190 mph i.e. depending on the options selected by the customer.

· The Audi RS7 offers multiple driving modes, the hardest core among all of which is dynamic. It sharpens the engine and chassis response of this large hatchback is to a razor’s edge.

Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG

When one talks about Mercedes Benz he talks about Royal. With the amazing specifications of 355 Horsepower and handcrafted engine of AMG 2.0L turbo inline -4, this car is as good as a racer car. AMG CLA45 have a sporty bodywork which looks cool and the design is just astonishing.

· Mercedes Benz CLAS45 AMG comes with CentraControler, Hands-free Bluetooth interface and 80GB hard drive navigator.

· For comfort and convenience it has MB-Tex/DINAMICA upholstery and Dual zone automatic climate controller. AMG CLA45 also have double crosswing grille and and sporty cabin.

· Best among all is AMG CLA45 having 10 ways airbag protection, Attention Assist and other technologies which are for a safe and comfortable driving.

Porsche 918 Spyder

According to Fobes, this is one of the most expensive cars of 2014. Besides the hybrid gasoline- electricity powertrains, other innovations include rear-wheel sterring where the rear wheels adjust slightly in turns. It can go 19 miles with the battery power alone. The Spyder is powered by 4.6L of V8 engine which makes this car costlier and Royal.

· Porsche 918 Spyder is the limited edition Supercar with amazing and mindblowing design. Porsche 918 Spyder being a limited edition car is enriched with many external technologies which make the car expensive and tough.

· Porsche 918 Spyder comes with 2 doors which are very comfortable and relaxing. It’s hard to define 918 Spyder as a car at all because of its highly impressing and stunning looks.

· 918 Spyder has 40,000 types of powertrain data going through massive ECU’s, i.e. as good as 3 porsche car running together, with which 918 shares a powertrain methodology.

The above cars were just an amazing example of Engineering and Technology. Coolest among all is still a myth but conceptualized it is obvious that according to the Comfort, Safety, Engine, Design etc. the business of cars is going very well in markets throughout the globe. And if you want to enjoy a drive of these super cool cars you have to pass the DSA driving test to become alicensed driver. Once you pass the test you are free to enjoy a luxurious and thrilling driving experience with these coolest cars.

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