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Buying the right used car in Coatbridge

Many people looking to buy used cars in Coatbridge head straight to Whites. There are many advantages attached to purchasing a second-hand motor over a brand new vehicle. Do so and you’ll get to miss out on the vast depreciation drop associated with brand new cars and hopefully still have years of fantastic motoring to look forward to. The market can seem daunting to a newcomer, so why not ask a friend or family member for help if you have never purchased a second-hand car before? The variety offered by the used car market means you shouldn’t struggle to find a suitable vehicle no matter what your requirements are.

used cars in Coatbridge

Check the documents

Always read the paperwork carefully and ask as many questions as you need to before you hand over your cash. You’ll need to see evidence of a full service history. If the car is more than three years old, it should have been taken in for MOT testing annually too. Buying from a private seller can be a big gamble as you won’t get the protection of the Sale of Goods Act, which makes it relatively easy to take cars back for refunds if you later find faults that should have been pointed out to you.

Before you buy

Make sure you go for a test drive and conduct an emergency stop so you can see how the car handles under pressure. You’ll also need to make sure you can afford to run the car, so don’t be swayed by a low price tag alone – it’s vital that you can stretch to the tax, fuel and insurance. By buying second-hand, you’ll also be able to miss out on the vast depreciation drop seen by most cars after just one year on the road.

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