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Things To Check On Your Wheels And Tyres Before A Long Road Trip

Don’t let the excitement to put your guards down. When going on a long road trip, safety should be your number one priority. Before embarking on a road trip, all necessary safety precautions must be applied to secure a good condition of an automobile. Given that the trip will take long hours on the road, chances of getting involved in a car accident is considered high but will still depend on the driver’s sense of responsibility. 

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Every driver is accountable to imply all the necessary safety precautions before going on a scheduled trip. These include reviewing the Global Positioning System or GPS system, learning how to change a headlight bulb, checking of engine oil and automatic transmission fluid, inspection of the engine antifreeze (coolant) as well as the brake fluid, power steering fluid and windshield washer reservoir, changing the air filter and even replacing the battery if needed, and of course, ensuring the good and safe condition of your mag wheels Sydney.

Among the above safety practices, problems involving tyres ring as one of the most common cause of road accidents. It is easy to notice and comprehend that tyres plays a major role of maintaining a smooth vehicle ride on the road. Nevertheless, bad conditions of tyres are significant factors to consider in the broad list of car accidents. Meanwhile, the most common reason of accidents consisting of tire-related issues is the “Tire Blowouts.” A blowout occurs whenever severe damages were agonized by a flat tire. This consists of the immediate loss of all air pressure and cause a driver to lose control. In addition, fatal truck road misfortunes are often related to a major tire blowout. Also, issues regarding abundant defective tyres continue to float in the news. Some usual causes of the tire blowout occurrences are potholes, large cut, small puncture to the wheel and overloading the car which results for the tire to give up. Thus, tips on how to safely survive a blowout has been composed.

Checking your tyres for sufficient traction and air pressure before driving out is very significant. Same with a reminder that instructs having two hands to control the steering wheel more stable and at all times will give you a power to control and manipulate at a moment’s notice. It is also vital to maintain your car’s momentum to lose a great percentage of your car’s traction. While, a gentle counter-steering offset by the blown tire are expected to decrease the chances of drifting into another lane and more. And then once the car stabilizes, obtain slowing down and carefully pull over to the side. Last but not the least, driving in a safe distance behind or ahead the cars with you is the most easy yet most reliable tip.

Moreover, usual trouble signs of progressing tire issues are listed as follows: 

  • Cracks or cuts located at the sidewalls – This might be an early sign that a tire is growing a leak, or worst, is about to blowout.
  • Uneven tread – Triggered by minor faults such as improper inflation, problems with suspension parts and more.
  • Excessively worn tread – Treads found on tyres must never fall below 1/16 of an inch, in depth. Otherwise, it indicates the need of purchasing new tread wears or else, an accident may occur along the road.
  • Severe amount of vibration – Most probably, issues with car vibrations are caused by a misaligned, unbalanced and even bent wheel. In addition, it might also signify further damages such as internal tire destruction.

Truly, there is nothing that is capable of abolishing enchantments expected in a long trip faster than getting involved in car trouble. With that, diagnosing your car’s health status must not be ignored. Clearing up car mag wheels Sydney preset conditions prior to the said trip is beyond of importance. Paying attention to the road while driving is still the most effective precautionary action a driver should comply with.

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