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Arrest Cardiac Disease With The Help Of Proper Consultation From The Expert

The human body is like a machine involving the complex functioning of a number of organs and tissues rooted within the anatomical structure. Just as a machine can run out of order without proper maintenance, similarly the human body can develop certain chronic conditions within its structure if not taken care of regularly.

Arrest Cardiac Disease

The heart is one of the five vital organs of our body. It is the principal supplier of blood throughout the structure with the help of the veins and arteries. But if we do not undergo regular checkups of the heart, we may suffer from cardiac arrest which is the unexpected stoppage in the circulation of blood.

Obesity, resorting to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of proper sleep, hypertension etc. are generally considered the most obvious reasons of cardiac arrest. It has been found that people with heart ailments are mostly based in the U.S.A. Therefore, to decrease the high mortality rate, a man named Michael Telvi has come under the spotlight for making people aware about this disease, its symptoms and its medications.

Telvi who holds a graduation degree from Florida’s Lynn College is the administrative functionary behind the MSTC INC. that is responsible for helping the residents of New York in receiving proper treatment.  Among the different services provided by the Telvi Organization, some notable ones are offering superior quality drug treatment to solve cardiac related issues, donating the money raised through different promotions and advertisements to the poor through different programs, preparation of quality medicines and also making the parents aware about the importance of different nutritive dishes and their food value that can be duly supplied to the child.

Michael Telvi has added a new feather in his crown. He has spearheaded the “arrested growth course” which provides guidelines for understanding the complications of the heart, spreading knowledge about how to give CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to a cardiac patient or to call 911 in case of emergency. Anyone can become a member of this course. Apart from an understanding of the facts and skills that he will acquire, he will be provided with fooding and accommodation in all the destinations where this course is active, as added incentive.

He and his associates are also concerned about the well -being of people across the globe who cannot take advantage of the advanced medical features due to lack of funds. Therefore, they institute several fundraiser events for garnering support for the destitute and also extend their benevolent hand to many charitable trusts.

Michael Telvi is also involved in regularly upgrading and updating himself about the latest methodologies of curing cardiac arrest through the extensive use of Prescription Drugs.  But his most important achievement lies in creating awareness among the youth who are slowly rising to the occasion understanding the do s and don’t s to be followed and also the importance of balanced diet, proper exercise and healthy routine to maintain a safe disease from this chronic disease.

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