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Three Training Options To Accelerate Your Muscle Growth

Do you think that exercising with barbells and machines is the only way to increase your muscle mass? If you believe in the previous line, then think twice because this article will tell you about three training options to gain muscle mass and they are well proven also. There are many health products, which you can consume with the minimum dose of 30 mg daily.


When you add these options with your bodybuilding routine, then it will not only maximize your muscle gains, but it will also improve your body in totality. It may happen that working out with dumbbells and barbells have become monotonous for you and you want to change your workout. You want to make it fun because you have given enough motivation, but still you are going nowhere. This is the time to think about the changes this article will tell you about. The solutions are simple than you would have contemplated. You do not need to hire $ 100 coach per hour to figure it out or make the changes in your bodybuilding routine.

Change Your Routine

You may have heard the word homeostasis; this is the body adaptation ability so that it can adjust with new stimulus. This is good of that your body can adapt to any given situation within a specific period of time, but when we talk about bodybuilding, this serves as a biggest enemy. After lifting heavy weights, your body will get adjust to it and it will adapt. Your body will become accustomed not only to the workout routine you are following, but also with the stress you are making on your muscles. This is the high time and you need different options in order to continue your muscle growth.

Actually, you need to constantly shock your muscles. If you are giving strain to your muscles, then they will grow. You have to try different means for this and keep this strategy in your muscle building toolbox.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is gaining popularity and is the next best thing you can do to improve your flexibility and ability of your muscles. When you couple it with weight training you can maximize your muscle gains. You may have seen that bodybuilders can do push-ups and pull-ups in a perfect way. They must opt for a single limb moves in order to make it little more difficult and get the most out of it. In this context, they can opt for one arm pull-up and single leg squats.

Kettle-bell Training

This is the latest craze in the bodybuilding field and intelligent bodybuilders use it to increase their poundage. By this kind of training you will stimulate your nervous system in a different manner and it is easy on your joints. Soon you will find difference in the definition of your muscles. You can take the minimum dose of 30 mg daily if it is advised by your physician.

Plyometric Training

Do you know that plyometric training can build an altogether new muscle brain connection? This will bring those results which no other weight training method can deliver.

You can opt for three-four weeks of plyometric and kettle bell training for accelerated muscle growth after every six months.

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