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Top 5 Reasons To Buy Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

The Kettler favorit rowing machine is one of the best rowing machine for home that offers full body exercising, shaping and toning. Kettler brand is gaining popularity in the fitness industry with its hi-tech, durable and strong products.


Let’s have a look at functionality features


  • LCD console and digital display with high resolution
  • Electronic pulse rate measurement with Infrared earlobe clip sensor.
  • Polar T34 chest strap heart rate monitor (optional) for accurate readings and wireless transmission of workout information.
  • Hydraulic pistons for 50 different resistance settings those are easily adjustable.
  • Biomechanically perfect footplates.
  • Powder coated carbon steel frame.
  • Padded seat with ball bearings to prevent lubrication.

Technical Features:

  • Recovery characteristic to check for improvement by providing a cardio wellness scoring indexed 1-6 to track improvement.
  • Scan feature to spin the workout data to center for larger readout.
  • Workout data includes:
  • Frequency
  • Strokes and total strokes
  • Energy used
  • Pulse Rate measurement
  • Time and distance

What tempts to Kettler Favorit Rower

Full Body in-home gym

Yes, favorit rower is a full body trainer to get in shape at home. Kettler Favorit Rower for weight loss is a well-designed machine keeping in consideration of German technology that offers complete body exercising along with flab cutting on the arms, hips and thighs effectively at home itself. The 44lbs rower typically owns extensive features that provide the users to optimize their workouts programs and track their progress. The ergonomically-designed features of this rower are user friendly. You could easily tune in to your favourite radio streaming, lighten to the television and watch movies with this noiseless rower.

German Engineering technology

The mid-ranged Favorit Rower is one such product by Kettler that offers exceptional product designing and quality. As per rowing machine reviews consumer reports, there have been no grievances against Favorit’s frame. This rower has a steel frame coated with powdered carbon. This frame is just impossible to be damaged due to normal wear and tear or hard-core usage. The coating renders remarkable protection against obsolesce and also about anything else.

Alluring Warranty

Have you ever seen a company providing lifetime warranty?  Kettler offers an extensive lifelong warranty on the backbone of Favorit rower exercise equipment and other machines too. The manufactures provides lifetime warranty on the frame against breakage and also offers three 3 year warranty on machinery parts. It is barely seen in a product to get lifetime warranty and thus this makes it even more alluring to try once.

Pulse rate reader

The Favorit Rower provides a pulse rate reader that is fastened to the earlobe and passes on the data to its computer system. The unique reading feature with a heart rate monitor is barely found in a mid ranged rower. You will not find a rower in this price range that measures your pulse accurately. There is an optional Polar T34 chest strap heart rate monitor for much more accurate reading that communicates wirelessly with the computer.

Comfortable, Smooth, Durable and Quiet

There are numerous features in Favorit Rower that renders great comfort and support to the body while working out. The most apparent feature is the foot plates that are ergonomically crafted and pivoted for accurate positioning all through the rowing motions. The thick padded seat is built to provide exceptional level of comfort that further allows for stretched workouts. The seat is additionally raised a bit for extra resistance and convenience. Another advantage of this rower as reported by reviews is that you are protected from disturbing noises from the sealed ball-bearings in the Favorit rower that makes the machine quite smooth and extremely quiet. It is easy foldable in one step and stored effortlessly.

It is an ideal and reliable rower machine for home gym in $400.

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