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What To Consider When Buying A Ute Tool Box

One of the best things of having your utility vehicle (or ute) is that it’s like taking your shop wherever you go. However, it can be a bit burdensome having to load and unload all the tools every time you have to do a job. Would it not be ideal to have them all organised on the ute? Maybe in the tray?

Ute Tool Box

Well, if you thought “yes, yes it would” it means that ute boxes are what you need.

Start by deciding what you want it for. There is a variety of boxes designed to carry either tools, large implements or gas bottles. You can find ute tool boxes for all of that but you need to think it through first. Where will you want to put it? That is the next question. You could put it in the tray, on one side, or combine two or more ute tool boxes. Alternatively, you may prefer having the toolboxes under your tray—underbody ute tool boxes. Let’s talk about two more things that should be taken into consideration.


You can find them in Steel, Aluminum or other metals, but you ought to factor in two things: strength and longevity. Does it need to be more heavy duty or less? No need to pay for something you will not use to its full potential. Although aluminum is thinner, it’s a great choice to withstand rust and corrosion.

Consider also how thick the material used needs to be. Some could cut down in thickness to offer a better price but that is not necessarily good for you. Most professionals recommend a thickness of 2.5 mm.

Other things to keep in mind—make sure it comes with rubber seals. The last thing you want is to find all your tools etc. soaking wet or even rusty. And with that in mind, it is always better if the ute tool boxes are not riveted, they should be folded and welded. Just a tip, make sure the welds have been properly smoothed over so that you don’t get cuts every time you get close to them!


Once you’ve chosen your materials, give thought to the different configurations you can have in ute tool boxes. It could be like a cupboard with doors and shelves or drawers inside; or a combination of both. Your ute toolbox could be designed as a big set of drawers. For this, it would be practical to go to a company that specifically sells or manufactures ute tool boxes as the list of combinations is almost infinite.

So remember: choose where you want it and what you want to carry in it, then check the materials and the thickness of what you need the chosen material to be. Make sure it is water resistant and not rough on the edges and choose how many ute tool boxes you want. You can even have them painted! Once satisfied with your purchase, organise it how you want and enjoy. If you are looking for ute tool boxes, please visit http://www.tigertrays.com.au/tool-boxes/


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