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FAA Reassures Hope In Budding Pilot

The recent years have witnessed numerous plane crashes in the world, leading to several deaths and injuries. Half of all the accidents are a result of pilot error (sometimes called cockpit error) which holds the pilot responsible for such mishap. There have been instances where some pilots have exhibited negligence and recklessness while flying an aircraft, leading to serious consequences. It is surprising to know that a number of accidents result from insufficient preflight, like using checklists or forgetting to fasten the cockpit door. These small mistakes could easily mount up to a series of big ones.


Due to the above reasons, it is crucial to ensure the expertise of pilots flying the airplanes. This is maintained by pilot certification regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, a branch of the Department of Transportation (DOT). The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is the national aviation authority of the United States, has ensured the safety of its passengers by issuing pilot certificates only to competent, best trained personnel.

One such pilot of high caliber is Akash Monpara of Pittsburgh. He is a private pilot who has logged more than 150 hours throughout the eastern United States and the Rocky Mountains.  He is also certified as Pilot-in-Command, and has obtained an instrument rating piloting a Piper Cherokee.

Akash Monpara has done biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He has completed his internships at MBPJ Corporation and Innovative Electronics Corporation, both based in Pennsylvania. Being fluent in both English and Gujarati, he is a man of many talents.

Pilot certification standards have become more stringent in an attempt to minimize pilot errors. FAA standards, which are laid down after consulting the aviation industry and the public, are among the highest in the world. Transportation safety experts recommend flying with pilots certified by the FAA as FAA pilots reduce the chances of accidents.

The FAA has recently increased the benchmark of qualification requirements for co-pilots who wish to fly for the U.S. passenger as well as cargo airlines.  These requirements involve minimum flight time as well as aircraft specific training. Transportation Secretary of the FAA, Anthony Foxx, declared in a press release that they produce the most qualified and the best trained pilots in the world.  Akash has managed to pass the new benchmark with flying colors.

The FAA provides various licenses and certificates, each having its own set of privileges. Some of these are Student, Private, Recreational, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot, the highest being the Airline Transport Pilot. It is also mandatory for the pilots to pass the physical examination conducted by a medical examiner authorized by the FAA.

Monpara was passionate about flying planes right from his childhood days. In spite of studying biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University, he never gave up his passion. He does not limit his expertise only to flying. He believes in making his passengers feel safe and comfortable during their journey on planes. This humane treatment is what is expected from pilots.

Thus, one can wish to fly in an aircraft supervised by pilots like Akash Monpara!

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