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Can You Order Custom Inflatables?

Custom inflatables are basically a replica of the products available in different sizes. Some companies provide such inflatables as per the requirement. 

These inflatables are used to promote a product or brand that helps in business development. You can make custom inflatables including toys, rides, food and beverages, and so on.

Types of Inflatables

Various types of inflatables are customized and sold in the market. Here are some of them.

  • Helium Inflatables 

These inflatables are usually considered during events. It floats high in the air nearly about 150ft off the ground. Brand promotions are done using these inflatables. But it cannot resist any rips and tears.

  • Point of Purchase Inflatables

These inflatables are used as a display in stores. These are sealed and mainly 2′ to 6′ long. Used for short-term promotions, these are used for marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • Cold Air Inflatables

These inflatables are commonly used for advertising in the market. They are the most durable type and cheap in cost. You can customize it in any shape and design. It is not completely sealed, hence connected with a fan to keep it in shape. These custom inflatables remain inflated despite weather, pressure, or small holes.

  • Sealed Air Inflatables

These inflatables usually have a standard shape like dome tents and race arches. It neither requires a blower nor helium gas to withstand its structure. Having a durable material is great for mud runs or for protecting outdoor belongings. But it is less customizable.

The Process to Make It

To make 3D custom inflatables for brand promotion it takes the best team to design the airflow so that no part of the inflatable gets puffy or saggy when the blower is turned on. After giving it the appropriate design and print, the team seals its sections together and tests them to ensure their perfectness. 

It takes approximately 15 days to complete the custom inflatables.


Due to its uniqueness, it is difficult to cover all the possibilities under one price. Hence, the cost differs according to the design, size, material, and type of inflatables. For high-quality inflatables, most brands spend about $1000 or even more. 

The best thing about these custom inflatables is that it can be used more than once depending on the material (safe for indoors and outdoors). So, the one-time investment can give you long-term profit.

To conclude, you can buy them from the market as well as order them online. Make these inflatables in your event, promotion campaign, or advertising campaign as a part of your marketing strategy. It easily grabs the attention of the crowd and at the same time, it will convey your message to the customers. 

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