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Business Phone System: An Introduction

Phones are the most common means of communication. Whether it is a home or office, telephones are needed everywhere. While in a home, a simple phone system will work, businesses need specialised phone system. This is simply because in an office, there is need to transfer a call, make a conference call and do other such tasks. Keeping these needs in mind, business phone system was introduced. business phone system

What is a Business Phone System?

A business phone system is a phone system designed especially for the use in business environments. In this system, multiple telephones are interconnected thereby allowing multiple features like call handling, call transferring, call metering, call accounting, conference calling, shared voice message boxes etc.

The business phone system is useful for both small as well as large businesses. It can comprise of just a few telephones as required in small businesses or a complex private branch exchange (PBX) as required in large businesses.

What are the Different Types of Business Phone System?

There are basically four types of Business Phone Systems that have their own set of features and functionalities. Listed below are the different types of business phone systems.

Key Less Systems

It is the most basic type of business phone system that is used in very small companies having not more than 10 employees. The Key Less system offers the basic set of features that are commonly required by users.It can be said that this system is fit to fulfil the requirements of the small companies. The cost incurred with this system is quite low as compared to other business telephone systems because is a very simple system. Because of the features it provides and low cost incurred, key less system is truly a small business phone system.

Key Systems

This system is suitable for companies having 5 to 40 employees. Key system also has all the basic features that are provided by the Key Less system. Apart from that, Key System allows for the addition of advanced features as the need arises in the business. Key systems require a central key system unit (KSU) to support the phone system. This is why this system is also referred to as KSU.

Private Branch Exchange System

Private branch exchange system is commonly known by the name PBX. This type of business telephone system is a combination of both basic as well as advanced features. A central PBX cabinet is needed to power the PBX system. A private branch exchange system is the perfect business telephone system for the busy workplaces.

Voice Over Internet Protocol System

The Voice Over Internet Protocol System or VOIP system, is the latest technology in the field of business phone. With this system, you will be able to communicate over phone with other offices all over the world by paying just a nominal fee. You can gather more information about phone number and VOIP phone service on the internet.

Business phone systems are designed to provide future proof communication solutions and a flexible working environment to businesses.

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