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How To Start A Personal Assistant Business

Do you have exceptional organizational abilities? Can you anticipate needs before they occur? Are you adept at working with a variety of personalities?  Starting a Personal Assistant business requires each of these abilities.  Before you quit your day job, take a course in business fundamentals that will give you an overview of marketing options, website design and hosting, basic business finance such as cash flow and pricing as well as formulas for providing your service. Groupon Coupons as offers great deals to help you get started with the design and hosting of your website. A successful business is one that provides a quality service or product that meets a market need. Follow these tips from the professionals and you’ll be in high demand in no time.

Start A Personal Assistant Business

First, take inventory of your skill set, determine what needs are in the market-place and identify both a business mentor and a Personal Assistant mentor. Both of these individuals will help you with defining terms of service delivery and pricing. The second step is to set up a website using best SEO practices and social media accounts to begin the marketing process. Once you’ve secured your first client, ask for testimonials and online reviews after you’ve completed a specific work product. Word of mouth still remains one of the most positive ways to gain new business. Resist falling into the trap of lowering your prices to gain new business. If you’re priced competitively for the service you offer, you’ll lose respect of client and prospect by discounting your services.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of quitting your full time job until you’ve had a consistent income stream and can conservatively estimate your rate of growth.  Start-up costs are limited in this industry. A quality laptop, website and business cards should be sufficient for marketing. Make yourself known at the local Chamber of Commerce and business groups in your community. While on line business is golden, don’t discount the value of business in your own backyard. Keep meticulous records on your clients and on costs and income. You’ll need to identify a bookkeeping program and ultimately a tax advisor for your business. Good luck on your journey!

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