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How Is The Natural Gas Of Viridian Energy Making A Positive Difference To The Environment?

Natural gas is widelyavailable in the world today. This form of gas is more clean and reliable. Switching to natural gas is a prudent choice when you wish for a sustainable future. In the energy sector today this is known as a bridge solution as it has both solution and challenges. The extraction and combustion of natural gas does produce greenhouse emission however this emission contains less than half of the carbon dioxide over the combustion of coal. However, Viridian Energy- a reputed renewable energy power supplier in the USA maintains that you should have a more responsible approach to natural gas option for your residential and commercial needs.

Viridian Energy

The moment people opt for the natural gas option provided by Viridian Energy they are embracing a practical and mature way to combat the biggest problems of natural gas emissions via carbon offset purchases. The natural gas of Viridian Energy is 25% offset as it is the right thing for you to do. The Company also gives their customers a cleaner and greener way of home and office energy as well. The moment you opt for the above natural gas option from Viridian Energy, you are paving the way for a cleaner and greener energy option.

Carbon offsets provide many financial incentives for a business or a municipality. Individuals are able to invest in projects that absorb the harmful greenhouse gases, prevent them from getting into the atmosphere and averting their production. With just one carbon offset, Viridian Energy will help you reduce one metric ton of carbon dioxide. With the inclusion of high quality carbon offsets in natural gas products, Viridian Energy reduces the environmental impact of customers in a large calculated manner.

One carbon offset certifies the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide. By including high-quality carbon offsets in our natural gas product, we reduce our customers’ environmental impact in a significant and measurable way.Viridian Energy has taken another large step by creating the Simply Right Natural Gas Fund that is consistently working for the improvement of industry standards and practices. It is actually a combined effort with some chosen organizations that support both innovation and research for safe and clean natural gas extraction with a primary focus on better accountability and transparency in the natural gas sector.

Viridian Energy will contribute to the fund on behalf of all its natural gas customers. The only thing that people have to do is use the natural gas resources of the company. This will lead to the expansion of the fund and also the growth of customer base. In this manner, the fund will grow as well as it influence as well.

Thus, if you are looking for renewable energy solutions and wish to make a positive contribution to the energy preservation and protection of the environment, it is wise to opt for the natural gas options that are provided by Viridian Energy today. You will reduce not only your power bills but also the amounts of carbon footprint on the Earth as well.

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