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Tips To Increase Revenue With Custom Shirt Packaging


While running a business whatever step we take, we do it to increase our profit. But sometimes we fail to do so. But if we customize our products and represent the merchandise in a better way. We could have a chance to prove ourselves in the market. Sometimes we manufacture and produce high-quality products. But it does not generate enough revenue, which is critical for our business. Now, the question where is the fault and why are we not able to get enough recognition? Now, we can avoid such a situation by representing our product professionally. If there is no fault in our product, then the error must lie in our packaging. If we customize our packaging box in the right manner, we can make our products recognized. You must have noticed that companies change their packaging theme from time to time. It’s a marketing strategy attempting to impress their customers. And keep their customers connected to their brand.

packaging boxes

Whenever the customer sees the same product with the packaging of his liking, he purchases the product.  Other than that, some brands customize the packaging of the same product with a different theme. In this way, the customers can acquire the product that got personalized with their favorite color. Or the product with a picture of their favorite celebrity imprinted on the product.

In this article, we would be discussing how we can increase our revenue using shirt boxes. And would also be discussing the budget-conscious techniques to personalize our packaging cases.

Customize your shirt boxes with contrasting colours:

Colour plays a vital role in our daily life. Every day we see many products with different themes and designs. Now, at first glimpse, we do not get to know whether the product is of high quality or not. We only pick a product to examine it when it attracts us. That is why banding plays a vital role in marketing and sales. Many companies prefer to change their packaging from time to time. In this way, they make their customers curious about their product and lure them into purchasing the product. We can say that the right branding can make us acquire a product that we rarely use.

These days we only purchase the product that catches our attention at first glimpse. And we can not restrain ourselves from acquiring it. If we customize our shirt packaging boxes in the right manner, we can increase our sales. We often purchase a shirt and watch as a present for our male relative or colleague. We all know that if we acquire a shirt, we would not put it in a plastic bag and hand it over. We would like to give a present that has a comfortable and professional looking box. In this way, we can make our present look costly yet elegant.

Customize your shirt packaging boxes with different printing techniques:

Many printing techniques can help us to imprint a design onto the packaging box. Rather than imprinting different designs onto your product packaging, choose a theme. The theme should represent your product professionally. And when you own a theme, the customer can recognize your brand’s products from miles away. In this way, you get recognition and can increase your sales.

  • You can customize your shirt packaging cases with:
  • digital printing,
  • screen printing,
  • flexography which was also known as letterpress,
  • Gravure etc.

Customize your shirt packaging boxes with carving methods:

After our packaging box is imprinted and customized with printing techniques, we should make our brand prominent. And to do so, we must make it look distinctive and alluring. For such purposes, we can customize our band’s logo and a slogan or some special instruction with the process of engraving and embossing. Both of these techniques give a 3-D appearance to our packages and attract the audience. Further, the customized area gets filled with foil, which makes it more unique and charming. In engraving, we carve the logo onto our shirt packaging cases. While in embossing we can make it puff out of the surface.

Customize your shirt packaging boxes with the brand’s logo:

If we do not imprint our brand’s trademark onto the packaging cases, we can make our customers feel tense. The logo acts as a signature and makes the customer feel at ease when they purchase the product. The reason is that the customers when seeing the label, do not hesitate to acquire the product. They come to believe that the product belongs to a legitimate company and must be of high quality. Other than that, the logo also advertises the brand. Whenever your product goes, a decent logo would make other people curious. And in this way, they can search for your brand. You can use your packaging boxes in the right manner and this can boost your sales.

Manufacture your shirt packaging boxes in different shapes and sizes:

You can get your short packaging boxes to get manufactured in any shape and size. Other than that, you can also choose which material the vendors should use to manufacture these packages. Paperboard and cardboard sheets are favoured by retailers. The reason is that the cardboard packaging boxes are reliable, sturdy, and customizable. You can imprint your company’s theme, the brand’s logo, and any other design on these packages. In this way, you can attract customers and can boost your sales.

Make your packaging boxes climate-friendly:

If you wish to increase your revenue, make sure that the packaging box you use is organic. In this modern time, if you still use a non-organic box, your business is most likely to experience some bad days. But you can avoid such situations, by using a cardboard shirt packaging box that is organic. And it also has all the characteristics of a most high-grade packaging box.

Now, use these tips and tricks to customize your shirt boxes and increase your revenue.


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