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Everything You Need To Know About SMSTS Training Course

SMSTS Training

According to a recent survey on career counselling it could be stated that nowadays most number of students look for a short-term professional course. And among all such courses Students consider SMSTS courses the most profitable one. This article serves you all information that you need before enrolling yourself in this course. So, let’s start:-

SMSTS training courses

Eligibility- Any person who is associated with construction work could be eligible for this course. Generally a person who is working or had worked as a construction manager before gets the first entry. People who have worked as construction supervisors also get a chance to enrol themselves in SMSTS training courses. Also the candidate should be well-versed in reading and writing Standard English language.

Course duration- This is a short-term online course. It takes nearly 5 days to get completed. Sometimes it gets a whole week also. At the end of the course candidate needs to appear in an exam of 25 questions to get the course certification.

Course content- Maybe this is a short-term course but it teaches you a lot of important things like the safety, legal terms, risk management that people need to take care of in a construction site. Here are the primary course contents:

  • Health and wellness of the workers.
  • Safety protocols in a construction site
  • Legal terms and conditions 
  • Regulations of construction sites
  • Protection protocols
  • Waste management techniques
  • Risk assessment methods 
  • Constructional issues 

Benefits of a SMSTS training course

This course is specifically designed for people who are working in the construction field. There are some key benefits of this short-term course, such as:

  • After completing the exam successfully every candidate gets a Site Safety plus certificate with the validity of 5 years.
  • It educates every candidate with the intense knowledge of safety precautions in a construction field. 
  • It assures a better position in the field of construction.
  • It’s a short-term online course that you could continue while doing a job
  • If you are planning to have your own construction company this course could help you a lot as it educates every student by providing accurate demonstrations.
  • You could renew your Site Safety plus certificate after 5 years of usage.

Cost of the course- It generally costs around £600, but the amount can vary in different institutions. So it’s not possible to assume the accurate price of the course. But according to most career counsellors this course is worth every penny. 

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