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Different Student Accommodation Choices Near Uconn


Upon moving to Storrs for college, students are faced with many decisions about what to do for housing. There are many different ways to choose to live on campus or off-campus.

Each option has its own set of benefits and costs that must be considered when making this critical decision. Living on campus is usually the most convenient because there is no commute to school.

Living off-campus can also present many benefits, such as living closer to nature, having more freedom and personal space, and sometimes saving money on transportation costs by walking or biking.

Here are the different kinds of student accommodation facilities like Storrs CT apartments you can find near Uconn.

Residence Halls

According to reports, Storrs is tenth in Connecticut out of 60 other cities in Units inside multi-unit buildings.

Residence halls are an excellent choice for students who want to live on campus. Residence halls provide a sense of community within the university and a safe environment with 24-hour security systems and staff members living inside the building.

Another reason that many first-year students choose to live in residence halls is that they have special programs and opportunities for students to participate in.

University-Controlled Apartments

Like Residence Halls, University Controlled Apartments offer a sense of community and also provide security systems such as off-campus patrols and emergency phones located around the property.

One main difference is that controlled apartments are privately owned by individual landlords and offered a housing option by Uconn. Rent rates vary from house to house and student to student, but they can sometimes be more affordable than residence halls due to having fewer amenities.

Houses And Condos

According to statistics, the population density in Storrs is 290 per cent higher than in Connecticut.

Houses or condos located near campus are other options that students can choose for off-campus accommodation.

These Storrs CT apartments and condos are privately owned by individuals who offer them to students through room rentals.

Prices of these houses and condos vary depending on the location, amenities, number of bedrooms, etc. Still, they can sometimes be more affordable than the other options due to having fewer amenities.


Dormitories can be an excellent choice for students who have friends coming in from other schools and want to live close together.

Individuals privately own dormitories, but they can house Uconn students in certain circumstances when the university has no available housing.

It is usually done by renting out individual rooms that may or may not have a bathroom. Rooms usually come with a bedding set, and the renter is responsible for providing their furniture, appliances, etc.

Fraternities And Sororities

Fraternities and Sororities are generally only available to students who are a part of Greek Life on campus. If you’re lucky to be invited to become a member, it could be an excellent choice for off-campus accommodation.

Living in Greek Life housing is more similar to living in dormitories because any individual or group owns the fraternities and sororities privately. Still, they can house Uconn students under certain circumstances when the university has no available housing.

Luxury suites are an option for off-campus accommodation. They are usually located in houses or condos that have been adapted to accommodate multiple people at once. However, they still provide community and security systems as other options.

They offer unique amenities like a kitchen, living room, and more bedrooms than a usual house or condo.

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