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SUV Lineup Of Genesis For The Year 2022


Genesis branched out from its mother brand Hyundai to specialize in luxury vehicles. Since its brand launch, it has contributed heavily to the industry of automobiles with its awesome luxury sedans. The success of these luxury models encouraged Genesis to expand its expertise and make luxury SUVs as well. Currently, for the year 2022, we see a well-stocked lineup of luxury vehicles that includes both sedans and SUVs from the brand that soak in luxuries while delivering a revving performance.

The journey started with the launch of the GV80 models that offered the elasticity of both a compact SUV and full-fledged three-row seating. With its immense success, Genesis went ahead with the making of its latest SUV model, which is named the GV70.

So, here we go looking at the SUV lineup of Genesis this year, for 2022. We must thank the cordial staff of the Conshohocken Genesis dealer, who took pleasure in letting us test drive the luxury SUV models of Genesis that got released for the year 2022.

2022 Genesis GV70

Based on its popular G70 sports sedan model, the Genesis GV70 made its debut appearance at the New York auto show as a compact luxury SUV. It promised the audience to provide a similar driving experience as that of its elder sibling GV80, where things would get better at the driver’s corner because of a higher seating position, while the travellers can now enjoy the benefit of an extra cargo room.

The Genesis GV70 models launched for the year 2022, offer excellent engine choices that include a turbocharged 2.5-litre four-cylinder and also a twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V-6 power plant, both aiming to deliver flawless ride quality. Thanks to the effective driving dynamics, that also includes an all-wheel-drive setup as standard and a pair of adaptive dampers to overlook all the imperfect road conditions you face all of a sudden. All the GV70 models use an eight-speed automatic transmission, which is rightly chosen by the automaker for its seamless power delivery and smooth gear changes.

2022 Genesis GV80

Genesis released the 2022 model year edition of its GV80 as a perfect flagship model for its SUV lineup. The GV80 models make an instant impact on the senses of the onlookers, who would obviously come from the higher circles of society. Much like its sober exterior, the interior of the 2022 Genesis GV80 continues to be an elegant piece of art, where a family of four to five people can spend their leisurely evenings leisurely.

Not only do the interiors of the 2022 Genesis GV80 qualify enough to impress you, but even its performance does the same since it will never be brought out from its luxury-oriented cabin, even when driving through a challenging patch of your selected route. For this, Genesis has selected a turbocharged 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine as standard, while a twin-turbo 3.5-litre V-6 is also made available this year to satisfy the buyers who are also passionate about driving, stated the sales officials of the Conshohocken Genesis dealership.

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