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Business Phone Number – Must Have Apps

Technology has greatly advanced and a simple smart phone can be converted to a business phone. Nowadays almost everyone gets in to a business and has to go through the process of making the phones they currently use more functional from Business point of view. Business phone numbers are no joke and they are very differently used from personal phone numbers. Apart from the common apps which everyone uses, in a business or not, like Whatsapp, imo, Viber etc, there are certain apps that most people are unaware of and can transform their phones to true business phone.

Business Phone Number

Let us have a look at what apps everyone business phone number possessor must own in order to add functionality to the normal smart phone usage:-

Google Voice It is similar to a PBX like phone system. This app the routing of calls or forwarding of calls to a single business phone number to multiple numbers (like at home, office etc.). Thus, the calls missed at one place can be answered from another, assisting in the smooth functioning of the business. Google voice enables the ringing of all devices added simultaneously. It is very beneficial because instead of giving your clients and customers or employees your home, office and personal number, you can just give them the Google voice number and all the devices you own and are added to the app will ring. Thus, they too can avoid having to call you on different numbers one after another in case you miss a call and save the productive time. This app is available on play store as well apple store.

Skype for business Almost everyone who owns a computer, a laptop or a smart phone uses Skype. But Skype for business is another software for business users. This can be installed on a laptop, desktop computer, as well as the smart cell phones from an app store. The features of this Skype for business are plenty and very useful for business phone number users. Business phone numbers can be used for video conferencing, voice call conferencing.  Also a recording can be made of the video call or voice call. Skype on the business platform is a little expensive but the features it provides are totally worth the cost.

Grasshopper – This is also similar to PBX based phone systems. This app allows business users to obtain a local number or a toll free number. Thus when calls are made overseas, the cost charges are not heavily incurred as in the case of traditional calls because the nature of the calls through grasshopper then becomes of local nature with grasshopper features. From the toll free business phone number, business messages could also be sent. No additional hardware required thus cost saved with only the use of existing smart phones. Multiple extensions of the local numbers are provided for every employee in your business. Voice mails are also delivered to your emails. This app is available in play store (android ) as well as ios app store.

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