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High Quality Industrial Hoses Can Be Used For Various Purposes

Industrial hoses are meant for heavy duty and are made specifically from high strength, high quality materials. The hose you buy must be reliable and long lasting to perfectly do the job of delivering liquid or chemicals from one destination to another and to wash down the huge manufacturing plant. Today, most of the industries use the convenient lay flat hoses as they offer a lot of benefits. These hoses are also used to deliver water in case of burst mains or damaged pipe.

Rubber Covered Industrial Hoses

Rubber covered fire hoses are also used for purposes such as chemical transfer, mine-dewatering and plant wash-down. This multi-purpose hose is covered with rubber and comes in different sizes and colors.

lay flat hoses

Rapier industrial hose is a heavy duty fire hose that offers optimum protection. This Type 3, high pressure fire hose is popular with industrial plant fire protection and fire brigades. Rapier hose is protected from chemical damage and against abrasion because it is made of extruded synthetic rubber cover.

The synthetic rubber cover and lining covers the polyester woven fire hose that also features PVC nitrile exterior coated and interior lined fire hose jacket. The high abrasion and chemical resistance of the hose is made possible by the extruded cover. The polymer cover also ensures that the lay flat hose enjoys maximum protection from being stained by dirt and oil.

Rapier Hoses Come in Different Colors

The greatest advantage of using rapier lay flat industrial hoses is that it is available in wide range of colors. This makes it easy to identify them based on the purpose for which they are used. For instance, washing hoses can be green in color and fire hoses can be red. Industrial plants that feature a corporate color scheme can also get the matching colors. Flat hoses like Rapier are easy to store and withstands prolonged outdoor use as they are UV stabilized.

Water Lord Industrial Hose

Manufactures of hoses use quality materials such as synthetic polyurethane for optimum chemical resistance and abrasion. This material is ideally used in any kind of industrial setting because it is chemical and oil resistant. Polyurethane industrial hoses could be rolled in a compact manner and require low coil space. These hoses are also easy to maintain and repair.

Among polyurethane industrial hoses, Water lord hoses are a popular choice. Used mainly by travelling irrigators, this type of hose is offered in a huge selection of sizes making it easy to choose one that suits your needs. One of the main reasons why this hose is preferred over others is that it is a soft lay flat hose that can be rolled compactly and stored in the shed or irrigator with ease.

This drag hose is made of high quality materials in order to ensure chemical and abrasion resistance. Optimum strength of the hose is ensured with high tenacity filament yarns with superior warp and weft. While it is being roughly dragged behind the irrigator, Water lord hoses with the high quality, tenacious, strong internal fabric can withstand high tensile load. As compared to the rubber hose, polyurethane hoses are resistant to cracking and damage as they are UV protected. .

Also ideal for use in rugged terrains and mine sites, this tough and strong lay flat hose could be repaired with ease in case of any damage. It is also super flexible and so is easily maneuverable. This hose comes in lengths of up to 200 meters or more and can be handled with ease.

Apart from being used by irrigators, Water lord hoses are also used as drag hoses in farms, for high pressure washing of huge industrial sites, for dewatering in mines, as air hose and as a temporary bypass hose.  If you’re looking for more information about Industrial hoses go here right away.

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