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9 Ways Rotary Die Cutting Equipment Has Changed Our Lives

Precision. Every single day we are surrounded by countless items that are designed with precision. We often don’t think twice about the doorknob we reach for on our way out, the vehicle that we drive to work, or even the clothing that we are wearing. Yet each and every one of these items has one thing in common – they are designed with precision.

rotary die cutting equipment

During the early days of making items like this, many things were done by hand. As a result the cost was higher and the precision wasn’t there. Over the years manufacturing has involved exponentially. The manufacturing of the goods the impact our everyday life is something that we rarely think about, but probably should. Advancements in manufacturing equipment such as rotary die cutting equipment has had a dramatic impact on our lives and changed them for the better.

What does this mean? The precision of these machines has become the backbone for a variety of great products that impact our day to day lives. From the clothes we wear to the vehicle we drive, the benefits of die cutting surround us. There are countless manufacturers dedicated to this cause. Baril Corporation specializes in die cutting, laminating, and other manufacturing of these types of products. Here are nineways rotary die cutting equipment has changed our lives.

Aftermarket Parts

Have you ever noticed that when you purchase aftermarket parts they usually look nearly identical to the name brand original counterpart? This is thanks to die cutting. Aftermarket parts such as automotive parts, computer hard drives, and even cell phone accessories are designed to specifically fit our needs through this form of manufacturing. Because the machine is able to cut with such precision, it is possible for one part to be easily placed where the original piece was without any complications.

Wound Care

It is possible that one of the least known benefits of die cutting is in the medical industry. Rotary die cutting is used for many purposes but none as important as wound care options. Whether it’s cutting bandages that we buy at the grocery store or creating precision patches that are used in a surgical room, die cutting is at the heart of it all. These advancements ensure doctors and nurses have the right size bandages and patches for every style of wound. One of the reasons this is important is so that each item can become individually packaged in a sterile unit.


One of the most familiar forms of die cutting is the use of small die cutting machines for crafting purposes. In recent years these gadgets have become a must have on the list of things that every crafter needs. They can be used to cover ID of materials including vinyl, fabric, metal, stencil material, and traditional paper. Anyone who loves to crafts knows that one of these machines is the ticket to making things like etched glasses, vinyl car decals, and even unique gift cards.


There are several different types of die cutting today including laser die cutting. This is commonly used when manufacturing automobiles. This precision approach is important because it make sure that each part fits seamlessly with the next one. Advancements in this area have made it so that automotives can last longer and have a higher resale value due to the quality in which they are made.


When we had to our favorite store to shop for everything from stocks to sweaters to leather belts, then we notice that everything is virtually identical. This is another aspect of die cutting that is used in the manufacturing of clothing and other apparel items. Using this technique ensures that every unit produced in one size is actually that size. It makes it easier for consumers to rebuy their favorite items as well.

Office/ School Supplies

Rotary die cutting equipment is even used in the manufacturing of office and school supplies. From adhesive tapes to foam boards to envelopes and cardboard boxes, there are a few limitations on what a die cutting machine can do.

Body Armor

The importance of high quality body armor for everyone from bomb squad members, to military troops, to police officers cannot be understated. This process of cutting metals is also used in the manufacturing of a variety of these items including cutting ballistic fabrics, EMI shielding, wrist bands, and armor for vehicles.


While we don’t often think about the manufacturing process of weapons, this is another area where precision is important and rotary die cutting is used. Manufacturers rely on this equipment to handle the precision needs of manufacturing components for missiles, detonators, and explosives.

Alternative Energy

The quest for alternative energy solutions has been making moves around the world for the last 20 years. Manufacturers of solar panels, fuel cell components, insulators, adhesives, and water filtration systems also rely on this process for precision in their products.

How Does it Work

The process of a rotary die cutting machine is fairly simple. There is a large cylindrical piece which works on a rotary press to move a long sheet of material through the device. Each area is referred to as a “station”. At the station, the units will create creases, perforations, or cuts into the material based on the shape which it is programmed to design. Something called an automatic eye is used by the machine to ensure that each unit is identical. There are many different variant to this process which is why the machine is able to be used with such versatility in the manufacturing of everyday products.

Rotary die cutting is an important process because it guarantees that each component is cut exactly as it should be to ensure optimal performance. In many of these items such as medical equipment, automotive parts, and ballistics equipment – that precision cutting is the difference between something that works seamlessly and something that is flawed and prone to problems. The versatility of this manufacturing process has given it the popularity that it deserves, today.

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