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Checklist Items To Customize Your Event AV System

AV System

When planning an event, the choice of audio visual system can make or break your function. Relying on an in-house system offered by the venue is not a great idea. To have peace of mind, find a reputable AV system rental company. This will undertake measures to ensure that you get the appropriate equipment to make your event a success. Here are checklist items for the rental company to ensure you get a custom AV system for your event. 

Understanding your basic AV needs

Some equipment can’t be missed on your regular events. So, the right AV system rental company has to first understand your basic AV needs. This requires going through the details of your upcoming event. You have to play your part by including important details on your agenda including the number of presenters and their AV requirements. Details like a projector, screen, and microphones make it easier for the AV hire company to determine your needs. 

Appropriate technology

An event needs the right technology that puts the presenter at ease. So, you need the right partner to provide a confidence monitor. This allows the speaker to see the content without having to face away from the screen. This simple device allows the presenter to keep the audience fully engaged. Other kinds of technology devices that make the event easier include a laser pointer and remote clicker for presenters to have full control of their content throughout the event. 

Determining of audio essentials

When considering AV system rental in Dubai, you need a soundboard or mixer with decent size for the sound system.  The AV equipment hire company should recommend the ideal soundboard to handle multiple inputs for the microphone and for the computer. When planning to have video playback from the computer, the equipment hire company should offer a direct box. This balances audio to the soundboard or mixer to prevent buzzing and hum. 


You need enough speakers to transmit audio throughout the venue. And, music is an essential element for most events. When having stage performances, the AV system hire company should offer a robust sound system. This should include devices including:

  • Handheld microphones
  • Wireless lavalier microphones
  • Hardwired microphones on the podium or stand 

The AV equipment hire company will have an audio technician to help with sound problems. Having a handy expert will save you a lot of time and stress. 

Video switcher or mixer

When having more than one computer for sharing to the screen, or capturing presenters on stage, a video switcher comes in handy. A crunch box is appropriate when having a simple show with a presentation and some videos. This is less complex than a video switcher for basic presentations. It is very important for the AV hire company to always have a backup plan. The video switcher or mixer is the backup when a computer freezes. A click of a button will be enough to switch to the backup computer. 

Stage lighting 

Lighting is an essential aspect of event organization. Your venue needs to have a basic stage wash light to allow the audience to see the presenter clearly. The equipment hire company will help recommend appropriate stage lighting to highlight your stage. This gives the event an extra touch of drama and an inspiring dynamic appeal to the overall event. 

Additionally, appropriate lighting allows branding your event more. This sets the audience’s mood and highlights your event décor. The choice of lights matters and an experienced technician will recommend the most appropriate lights to match your event. The right choice of lighting will highlight all the nuances of your event including encouraging various Insta-worthy moments for the audience. 

Screen for presentations and video

After figuring out the basic format of your event, the AV hire company will select the most appropriate screen type. Large flat-screen monitors are necessary when having a smaller audience in a general session space. It is important to have the right screen for a more intimate setting with the audience closer to the stage and speaker. Large spaces need more screens and projectors where the presenter has data to share. The screens allow the audience to read small fonts including those in the back row. 

Wide screens with 4:3 or 16:9 format are ideal with a similar design as projection screens. A projector is necessary depending on the size of your space. One with more brightness is necessary where the venue has various windows or lights. A reliable AV equipment hire company will guide you on the right projector to match your event requirements. 

Bottom line

Partnering with the best AV system rental company can make a big difference to your event. This ensures the availability of appropriate equipment to ensure your event runs smoothly in the best way possible. And, the company will offer a professional technician to come in handy when some issues need troubleshooting.

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