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The Value In Investing In Quality Spray Foam Guns For Contractor Business


Contractors who are looking for spray foam gun must understand that there is the need to go for the top of the line models. The crucial role of this valuable tool has a direct impact on how well the application will be for any project.

Over the past decade, the spray foam insulation industry has massively grown, and this has resulted in increased competition among contractors. The efficiency of the process over the use of fiberglass has seen it become the go-for solution by property owners across the United States. For SPF contractors, this means one thing, and that is increased demand for the services while having to outshine the competition. The secret to standing out in the market is without a doubt, having quality spray foam equipment and in constantly delivering top of the line services. Since the machines used for the insulation process are mechanical, maintaining core competence means having to regularly upgrade or replace worn out parts.

One of the most valuable components of a spray foam machine is the spray foam gun, which has the all-important function of dispensing the mixed materials from the proportioning machine. Given the vital role of this tool, it is not surprising that it also tends to wear out fast and requires timely replacements. Contractors looking for spray foam gun must understand that the performance of these parts greatly vary depending on the model they settle on. It is, therefore, important that before rushing to pick any model in the market, there is an in-depth evaluation of its features and capabilities. However, before rushing into these qualities, it is vital to know that there are three categories of spray foam guns namely;

  1. Solvent purge spray foam guns

A defining aspect of these spray foam guns is they do not lead to the build-up of material in the gun chamber after use. This is because it makes use of a solvent chemical to eliminate any material that remains post-application, which makes it use more demanding. It is critical to note that this gun is popular for coating projects and not insulation jobs.

  1. Mechanical purge spray foam guns

This spray foam gun attains its name from its functionality as it depends on a valving rod to prevent the chemicals from mixing before they are applied. The only way to initiate the process is by pulling the trigger that will cause the rod to create room for the chemicals to mix for application.

  1. Air purge spray foam guns

As the name suggests, this spray foam gun works by relying on a short blast of air to flush chemicals from the gun chamber. Its operation is activated by pushing the trigger and is the easiest model to use.

All these categories of spray foam guns have their distinctive advantages and limitations that must be taken into account. Fortunately, there have been significant improvements by manufacturers in making each type of spray foam gun more efficient. As a result, it is never enough to consider the general category but the enhanced features of a specific model before making your purchase. In doing this maximum focus must be given to;

  1. Ability to provide a better mix and application

Any spray foam gun worth your attention today must be designed to shorten the time it takes to mix the chemicals and release them. Top-rated models in the market recently released by leading brands such as Graco and PMC have been built to maximize on this all-important aspect.

  1. The range of spray settings

As a contractor, you need a spray foam gun that will instantly adjust to the requirements at hand without having to go through a complicated process. For this reason, a feature that can never be overlooked is the different spray settings and flow rates that a specific model supports.

  1. The maintenance requirements

The last thing you need as a contractor is to work with spray foam tools that have lots of maintenance demands. Spray foam guns, in particular, must be given much attention as any negligence will significantly impact their performance. Everyone today is after a model with reduced maintenance requirements, as it saves contractors from spending several hours ensuring the tools are in great condition. Particularly, attention must be placed on how the spray foam gun has been designed to reduce material build-up and clogging.

  1. Durability

It is expensive to buy quality spray foam guns, and there is a need to have the assurance of value for money. This is one of the primary reasons why it is highly recommended for contractors to settle for renowned authentic brands.


Spray foam contractors must be aware that clients will judge their deliveries and core competence by the final application. For this, it calls for great diligence when looking for spray foam gun as it is this tool that directly determines how fast and well the applications will meet customer expectations.

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