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What Is New In Mazda 3 Sedan 2020?

Mazda is a name which is familiar to all people worldwide. It manufactures vehicles which are equipped with updated technology and has a stunning look that make people envy it. One of the best cars from this company is the new 2020 version of Mazda 3. 

With sleek design and features which make a ride pleasant for all, this is dubbed as one of the best cars to have in your garage. At least before deciding anything you should opt for a test drive from Houston Mazda dealership

Have a look at this car in detail!

Exterior and design 

This model will be using SkyActiv Architecture for vehicle design. This platform is sturdier than its previous versions and produces less vibration, noise, harshness, etc. when compared with previous models. Moreover, according to the company, people will be more comfortable during a ride as the structure will not only have ample space for passengers but offer a swift experience for all. 

What makes it popular? 

This will be the first vehicle from this company which will have sort of gasoline compressed ignition engine. It is called SkyActiv X and this engine comes with four-cylinder supercharged, which burns ultra-lean charge when compressed ignition takes place. 

To control compression ignition timing, this car injects fuel before power stroke for igniting it with spark plug. This combustion process unleashes increasing pressure’s wave which ignites lean fuel/air concoction. This engine promises ample amount of power as well as will increase fuel efficiency massively. To know more about this engine SkyActiv X, you can get in touch with a Mazda dealership serving Houston

Standard engine

For all the entry level models of this car, Mazda will be using its inline four SkyActiv G engine. The aforementioned SkyActiv X will be available only for the higher end variants. The SkyActiv as per expectation will produce 207 lbs-ft of torque along with 190 hp. Also, this surpercharge engine is expected to have 30% better fuel efficiency that the SkyActiv G 2.0L engine. 

The standard engine will offer 27 mpg when driving around in a city and 36 mpg when driving on highways. Irrespective of engine, the new Mazda 3 will have manual or automatic 6-speed transmission according to one’s choice. 

Price of this vehicle

Like most of their other vehicles, the Mazda 3 will come in different variants. The base model is expected to cost around $21,900. However, the top tier variants will go as high as $30,400 approximately. 

Moreover, the higher tier cars will have all the safety features along with driver assistance features. Also, the models will have safety features like blind spot monitoring, rear traffic crossing alert, forward collision alert, etc. 

Now that you are aware of all the necessary details about the new Mazda 3, you can understand that it is one of the best premium compact cars to have in recent times. From fuel efficient to powerful engine, this vehicle has it all. So, why wait? Visit a dealer today to get all the necessary details for booking one. 

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