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Keeping A Poker Face: All You Need To Know

Poker Face

Whenever you are playing your favourite games on the casino table, multiple tricks can be applied to win over others. However, keeping a poker face is one of the most tried and tested techniques in every casino game that has ever been played or invented.

So, you must know the proper knowledge of this face if you want to bet everything in the round and come out as a total winner.

The Introduction of a Poker Face

This face can be adorned by you at any time of the day. For that, your facial expressions should be straight and should not exude any emotion. It is usually adorned by many players while playing casino or attending such events and parties, where betting money is involved.

The power of poker face

It Makes the Other Opponent Nervous

Whenever you are playing a game at any of the invited parties, you can make the other person nervous even if you have limited knowledge about the game. That happens with the power of a poker face. When you keep a straight face, the other person will fail to analyse your reaction to every move.

That is how it makes the other person anxious to know what is going on in your mind and what kind of move are you going to try when it’s your turn. 

It can be Deceiving as a Body Language 

Whenever you are on a casino table, people will constantly be reading your body language. That’s one part of the gambling games. But if your body or face doesn’t move much, irrespective of the turn you play; then it can be hard for others to know about your current situation.

Then others wouldn’t know what kind of cards you have or how much money could be skimmed out of your pocket. They wouldn’t even know if you are a loser or a winner of the game until the very end. In short, the poker face on every casino hire game being played can be totally deceiving.

How to Maintain a Poker Face for Long?

The aim of a poker face is that you should not let others know what is going on in your mind. You should not be affected by any good or bad turn in the game. For that, you need to keep a neutral mind. 

Simultaneously, you must not think about winning or losing, but all you need to think about is playing out the best move on every turn you are handed.

Honing a poker face during the gameplay can be fun and exciting afterwards. But when you are masking your reactions behind it, you should always keep calm and let others be disturbed by your nonchalant posture. 

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