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Earning Good Buck Through Horse-Racing By Following Basic Tips


We all depend upon some sort of job for earning our bread and butter. Few guys run their manufacturing or trading concerns while many people love serving the society through private or public entities. Self-employed people including the wise architects, doctors and engineers etc also render valuable services. Few people prefer investing in some activities including betting on horses that are used for racing purposes. Those crazy after horse-racing should consider adhering to the free horse racing tips.

What to focus upon – Those intending to fill their pockets with huge money by getting engaged in horse racing should consider the following:

Set your budget – Somebody has rightly said that money makes the mare to go. Same is true with horse races that can be won by betting enough money. Laying higher bets on horses boost your chances of taking home more money. Those not able to gamble the Pick 4s or the Pick 6s and other similar bets may be contented with Doubles, Win/Place/Show or the Exactas or Quinellas etc.

Color codes – Be acquainted with the classification of the horses that involve colour-coded tiers, commonly dark green to yellow that determine the horses from best to worst. Be wise to learn the basic tactics associated with colour code tiers.

Be selective – Adherence to the free horse racing tips requires you to be selective when betting on specific horse races. Avoid betting on all races but prefer the ones that involve specific tiers by consulting your known ones that have been betting for a long time and know the basic aspects. These animals including the track and turf horses may not be able to run well on both types of surfaces. Use your common sense in laying bets on the specific horse, whether turf or the track horse by focusing on its running capabilities. Why not emphasize on the horses’ past performances that can help in choosing the horse with more winning chances.  

The condition of the track – Many horses run well on dry tracks while others show exemplary performances on the wet tracks. Better go through the past records of the horses with regard to their ability to run better on dry tracks or the wet grounds. Do not ignore the changes as far as track condition is concerned as it could change on the racing day itself.

Dismissal – Avoid betting on the horses that have not been used for racing activities for a long time, say for more than forty-five days in the preceding period. Be wise to wager on the horses that are running in the current times. Same way, do not get engaged betting on the horses that have dropped in class from their last racing activities. The sign of green down arrow indicates that the horse has dropped down as regards its class while the red up arrow means the upward move in terms of its class.

Needless to write, concentration on these free horse racing tips is greatly helpful in making you rich enough.

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