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Bhopal: India’s Second Heritage Capital

Are you wondering which city to head out to for the upcoming holidays? There are a lot of places to explore in India. If you have never been to Madhya Pradesh, then you should try it out at least once. Madhya Pradesh is a land of many wonders and one such wonder is Bhopal. It is one of the oldest cities of India and it boasts of a rich historical past. So, if you plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh, make sure you have enough number of days in hand for your stay in Bhopal. Old majestic structures and beautiful monuments have earned Bhopal the reputation of being a heritage city. So, these are the main attractions when one visits this city. However, visiting these heritage sites can take up an entire day each, so you should have enough number of days in hand and you will need proper rest after a day of travel so make sure that you book a room in a 5 star hotel in bhopal.

Noor Us Sabah Hotel Bhopal

The heritage attractions

Let us learn a few more things about these heritage sites in Bhopal, so that when you finally visit them, you will already be equipped with the facts and figures of its significance.

It is important to know that all the heritage sites are mostly spread over large areas and hence none of them will be found in proper Bhopal. You will have to travel a certain amount of distance to reach these sites, and hence, it is best to keep plenty of time in hand to explore and learn about these places.

Temples of Khajuraho: Khajuraho has earned international fame and repute being one of the wonders when it comes to architecture. This group of temples is believed to have been eighty five in number but today we get to witness the remains of only twenty five of them. These temples are full of exquisite carvings and are made up of varied materials like granite, sandstone of different hues etc. This is a must visit heritage sites and one of the prides of Bhopal. These temple clusters are located quite far away from the city close to around 374 kms from the main area. So you need to make sure that you have enough travel time which would roughly come down to seven and a half hours one way. So it will be best if you book a hotel at Khajuraho itself, for one night.

Bhimbetka Rock shelters: On an unsuspecting corner on the way to Hoshangabad, you will chance upon what look like simple caves. However, the moment you take a sneak peek, you will realize its significance. Being roughly 45 km away from the main city, the rock shelters here are one the most interesting things that you can find in India. In a small area of only a width of 3kms, this place houses close to 700 shelters and paintings in their walls. These paintings are of the daily life of the people of the prehistoric age, which helps us in archaeological works.

Exploring these heritage sites are taxing but exciting, and when you come back at the end of the day, you will need a place that feels like home and hence book a room in the WelcomHeritage Noor Us Sabah Hotel Bhopal. This hotel has all the comforts that you can hope for and is one of the best in the city. So book your room here before setting out on a trip to Bhopal.


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