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Cancer And The Ways To Get Rid Of It



Cancer the word itself is very much frightening from every sort of angles. It is disease that has no solution to it. Once it commences it is very much obvious that death will appear at a certain period of time. The disease not only causes setbacks to the patients and also causes a lot of problems to the family also. The nature of the disease cancer is first and foremost is the genetical scenario. However the in some cases the disease is also very much non-genetical. It can also happens excessive adulterations done to the body. People on the 21st century being so much busy has forgot to lead their lives in a proper as well as systematic way. There are very few peoples that wants of gets to lead a very much normal life with full of discipline. They indulge in to a lot of social as well as corporate hassle and also that leads to different kind of adulterations. They are like the excessive consumption of fast food, excessive consumption of alcohol and also tobacco. The environment is also becoming very much polluted day by day. Then carbon dioxide as well as the carbon monoxide levels are increasing day by day. Thus peoples are exposed badly to the passive inhaling of these harmful material that can stimulate the problem of cancer.


Cancer, as it is said earlier that it is a genetic disease is very much regulated by each and every gene. Each and every human being has the gene that can cause cancer. Although what defends, is that they are present in dormant stage. When this gene gets activated they cause the disease. Our body has got cells that are the structural as well as the functional unit of the human body. Cells have the property of growing. And because of this property they undergo cell cycle. But the growth controlled and also not uncontrollable as because of the presence of various factors. However when the cell cycle stops working properly and the cells undergo division to an uncontrollable manner the disease of cancer sets in. And transition is definitely triggered by the genetic mutation. Cancer has lot of other properties also that makes it a very interesting disease. It has the property of metastasis. In this property the cancer cells after forming the disease fly out from one position of the body to get assembled in the other place of the body and them starts forming the disease although they have not originated from that place previously.

Evolutionary Active

The disease cancer is very under evolution effect as with the evolution of mankind the disease is also very much getting evolutionized. The disease complexity is very much increasing day by day.


Best cancer doctor in India always suggest patients and in general that people must not use anything that will adulterate the human body. They suggest peoples to get rid of any kind of addiction of alcohol and tobacco and any sort of other things.


It is hopeful that at one point of time the disease will have a cure. And death will stop.


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