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Conquering Mobility Obstacles While Using A Walker

For those dealing with mobility issues, some solutions can create new obstacles. For those of us not bound by the inability to move easily, walking with a pep in the step, carrying our bags, our packages and drinks without issue, it may be difficult to understand how accessories that are meant to help the mobility challenged can actually cause other issues, like how to carry a drink or packages. While using helpful equipment such as walkers, two hands are required by the user.

Conquering Mobility Obstacles While Using A Walker

 Walkers and Packages

Obviously carrying packages while using a walker is not easily done, and often the person using the walker will try to loop the bags on their wrist, causing it to sway to and fro as they pick up and set down the walker. This makes walking even more difficult as the bags bang against the walker and can sometimes cause the individual to lose their balance. Now the helpful equipment is more of a hindrance than a help.

It doesn’t take long for walker users to realize they need a little help with shopping, either from a friend or personal care attendant. However some walker users don’t have that option, so these people have discovered that there are accessories made for their walkers that can solve these problems. Walker users often purchase baskets that attach to the front of the walker.

Walker Cup Holders

Walker users have to contend with lugging around their packages, but the extra exertion can make one really thirsty. But how on earth can someone carrying bags and packages carry a drink? The answer is another wonderful walker accessory, walker cup holders. Walker users have many different types to choose from and can even find them built into walker caddies.

Using a walker cup holder makes life so much easier for walker users, and they can have a bottle of water at the ready to quench their thirst. Having the walker cup holder can make a dramatic difference for one using a walker.

Oxygen Tank Holder

Walker users also may need to carry medical supplies as well, such as oxygen. Imagine needing oxygen to simply move through your day while using a walker. It would be pretty difficult to carry the oxygen, or even have it roll along on wheels while using a walker. It just isn’t realistic to think a walker user could accomplish this. So these individuals add an oxygen tank holder to their walker and are able to keep their oxygen levels at optimum levels as they move through their days.

For every obstacle, there is a solution, and these accessories help walker users conquer mobility obstacles of all kinds.

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