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Dental Apps Add Fun To Your Kid’s Dental Care Routine

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Smartphones have occupied a prime spot in our everyday lives. The whole range of smartphone features available at our fingertips has made life comfortable and exciting. Did you know that you could use your smartphone to add fun into the mundane and boring kids dental care routine?  Well, there are different apps that guide you through everything that it takes to maintain proper oral health. Smartphones can do wonders in your kids daily hygiene routine.

Brush DJ:

Dentists in Merrylands recommend the brush DJ app to keep a track of the time for brushing your teeth.  It sends alert notifications to brush your teeth twice a day and for a whole 2 minutes. It not only keeps track of the time that you take for brushing your teeth, but it also plays your favourite songs from a music library collection,  for two minutes. It also features a visual display of how to brush your teeth, where and for how long. Set reminders for a regular changing of toothbrushes and oral health products. It also sends you timely reminders to check your pearly whites at the dentist in Merrylands. 

Chomper  chums:

The chomper chums app are recommended by dentists to add creativity and fun in your dental hygiene.  It teaches your kids brushing techniques for each area of your mouth. It also entertains them and keeps them engaged in the activity of brushing. They also get rewards for brushing their teeth within the prescribed time. With the rewards, they can purchase foods and drinks for their favourite virtual pet. It is a free app on how to use without any actual money involved. It encourages kids to eat healthy foods and maintain good oral health habits as advised by the dentist in Merrylands.

Dental expert:

With the everyday hustle and bustle of life activities, it is difficult for young mothers to take the kids to a dentist. This is when the dental expert app can be by your side. It is a complete guide to understanding dental techniques and oral health care measures that can be taken. It also contains frequently asked questions which are replied by actual dentists who have several years of experience. Dentists also recommend the dental expert app that keeps you informed of the myths facts and interesting information on oral health. This also encourages your kids to try out new techniques and methods of cleaning that maintains healthy gums and overall health. 

Braces help:

This app is specially designed for iPhone users. Dentists recommended this app for those who have braces or who are wanting to add braces. It comes with useful tips, and ways to take care of your braces without damaging your teeth. It contains videos, pictures and detailed information on how to maintain braces and overall oral hygiene. It also guides you on tackling troubles that come with wearing braces.

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