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Driving Offenses: 6 Unheard Violations That Were Actually Illegal

Driving Offenses

Most of the common driving offenses are fined. One of the most committed offenses is driving than the standard speed limit, careless driving, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or breaking the traffic law.

But there are unheard driving offenses that you didn’t know were illegal. Some of you may regularly commit them during your ride without realizing.

This article is written to give you a head-ups regarding these unheard driving offenses that you may possibly be doing without realizing. Below are the top unheard traffic violations that you must also be aware, and make sure you don’t commit them in the future.

Sleeping While Drunk Inside the Car

If partying during the night makes you dead drunk, you’ve probably won’t consider driving. If you’ve got nowhere to stay the night, you might consider to sleep inside your car until you’ve sobered.

But sleeping inside your car while you’re drunk can fine you into an offense. Though some laws (may vary depending on the country and state) shouldn’t allow a person to handle a vehicle while drunk, this is not specific that being asleep means you’re not necessarily in charge.

And sometimes, authorities can use this an excuse to charge people like you with a driving offense.

Flashing Lights to Give Way

Flashing your lights to give way may be considered as a driving offense, why? Because flashing your lights can lead to an accident. Headlight flashes should only be used to give warn other drivers about your presence on the road.

This offense may vary depending on the country and the state.

Speeding up At the Pedestrian Lane

If the lights then change to green, DO NOT use the extra seconds to speed up the car, and this act is illegal.  You must not overtake the car nearest to the pedestrian lane, simply because the vehicle may be hiding a pedestrian lane already.

Illegal Parking: Parking on the Wrong Side at night

A driver should not park his car on the wrong side of the road at night. It is not allowed because you may need to drive on the opposite side of the road to enter and leave the space, and it can be a cause of an accident.

In the UK, this is a driving offense under rule 248 of the Highway Code and you might receive a penalty charge notice when committing this.

Using the Mobile Phone as a Map in an Unfixed Position

It is illegal to use a mobile phone to follow a map. A mobile phone should be fixed to the windscreen or dashboard so it’ll have a clear view while driving without requiring it for the drive to hold the phone while driving.

If a police officer or traffic enforcer caught you, you’ll be fined for £200 and an additional six points on your driver’s license, moreover you’re licensed will be invoked for two years.

If you’ve been caught committing any of the driving offenses mentioned above, seek legal advice from Motoring Offence Solicitor immediately, they will help you professionally about the case.



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